Students Return To School After Teacher Walkout

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"At John Hardin we live up to three aspects: family, success and respect".

"I think the question is: How do we invest both in transportation and also in education without pitting them against each other?" asked Rep. Faith Winter, a Westminster Democrat.

Instead, Steinberg said, she'd like to see limits on the types of weapons people can access. "They help our generation".

Educators from around the state marched on the capital, as more than 30 districts in the state closed, inlcuding West Point Independent and Meade and Bullitt county schools.

The walkout began on April 2 after lawmakers failed to meet the bulk of those demands, though teachers were granted a pay raise of about $6,000 beforehand. "We are going to have to continue to show some leadership". "We've turned a whole generation of Oklahomans into political activists now", he said. "I think that teachers can be really powerful advocates of their students", she says, "... by being involved in local policy-making, their school board". Because these days various schools are only focusing on the high fees and infrastructure and all have forgotten to give the social values to the students.

Scott Silva, an Englewood High School English teacher, said they had support from the administration. She first ran and lost in 2016, but said she has sensed a shift this year as people have grown fed up with budget cuts. But they want legislators to realize schools need more resources.

"It's going to have long-term effects on how our children are seeing our government", she said, "and the distrust they are building in our federal government".

"Those teachers marching in Denver are not there because they are greedy, or selfish, or because they don't care about students. It starts with the teachers". Then again, there are some Republican teachers who say their party has an image problem when it comes to public education.

"We feel like not enough is being done about it", he said. "We'd like to bring attention to it".

- Teacher pay: The CEA says Colorado educators' average pay has dropped by more than 17% when adjusting for inflation over the last 15 years.

John Hardin Principal Mark Wells addressed the students who participated in the walk out.

There are, however, other issues that must be addressed if children in Colorado are going to keep up with students in other states. We've been trying to work with the legislators and let the unions speak on our behalf, but nothing has stopped these budget cuts. Salary has absolutely nothing to do with it. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which focuses on statehouse races nationwide, said more than 50 educators are running in other states.

Two Oklahomans are among 40 K-12 teachers from across the United States selected to receive scholarships to attend the 2018 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference scheduled June 27-29 in Portland, Maine. "You're not in the military or the police force where they drill it into you".

Many schools plan to add time during the day to make up for the loss during the walkout. I buy my students lined paper, pencils, colored paper, markers, crayons, construction paper, you name it.

"If you look at per-pupil spending, it's gone up since "A Nation at Risk" was reported", DeVos said in an on-stage interview with Willliam Bennett, one of Reagan's secretaries of education.