Shocking: Sri Reddy claims Rana Daggubati's brother Abhiram sexually exploited her

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What started off with a topless protest against casting couch has now led to calling out big names with Sri Reddy revealing all those who have shamelessly exploited her.

Sri Reddy has shared a photo of hers with Abhiram Daggubati on her Twitter handle, which she has created specifically to upload data related to this controversy.

The alleged incident took place five years ago, she says, adding, "I am speaking about it now because I don't want other women to suffer the same plight". But Abhiram chose it as a venue for his sexual exploitation, she alleged.

Aspiring Telugu actress Sri Reddy who staged a strip protest against sexual harassment in the film industry has made some shocking revelations. Earlier, the actress named other Tollywood celebrities as well. In the chat, the singer is seen expressing a desire to meet her, while also making comments on her "butt". In fact, MAA has even threatened that they would suspend any member who worked with her. His name is Ramesh Puppala.

TV presenter-turned-actress Sri Reddy, who has been making sensational allegations against the casting couch menace in Tollywood, made a decision to take her protest to the next level on Saturday. The people in the industry, who got alerted, chose to do damage control and tried stop her from defaming the image of the industry further.

Some reports suggested that she was asked to vacate her house post her stripping act.

However, in another interview with a Telugu news channel, Sri Reddy revealed that it was Abhiram Daggubati who had sexually exploited her in the studio.

The screenshot of her chat has gone viral on social media, much like the previous screenshots and pictures. She further said that Abhiram f*c**d her badly in a studio. The shocked Telugu film industry and the nation can only wait and watch.

He said he never knew Sri Reddy and had been impartial in giving roles to actors in his films. "But after going there, he used to force (me to have) sex". He would often tell me that he would introduce me to big directors and producers.