Sega Ages Announced for Switch

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But before you go getting all excited about the system and everything it could possibly have to offer, you may want to calm down a bit, as we've discovered who the manufacturer behind the new system is. Sega is going to release the Mega Drive Mini in Japan, powered by the latest AtGames technology. We don't know, but if the answer is "the same in a cuter box", then Sega may find that the licence to print money popularised by Nintendo has expired. You might havto wait a while for the Mega Drive Mini, though-Sega hasn't announced it'll be available outside of Japan so far.

While zero games have been announced, one can certainly hope that the built-in game list will include classics (Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage II) as well as some of the less obvious gems.

The first announcement is the Mega Drive Mini, a mini console reminiscent of the NES and SNES Classic Mini, which will come in 2018.

Phantasy Star is a JRPG for the Master System that released right around the same time as the original Final Fantasy.

By Looking at the retro console in the tweet, it looks small enough to accept classic Genesis cartridges.

European residents with long memories will remember the frustration of having to wait the additional two years until the Mega Drive arrived on United Kingdom shores.

Sega Ages Announced for Switch
Sega Ages Announced for Switch

You might be thinking to you yourself, "But hasn't SEGA already released a mini Mega Drive?" It's also unlikely to connect to the internet, and the controllers are likely to be wired. How much does it cost? If you've owned one, you'll know they're not exactly flawless: a fairly cheap build quality, clunky menu system, and some iffy sound emulation were some of the major drawbacks.

The Sega Genesis Classics collection, featuring 50 retro games, will launch on May 29 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while Yakuza Kiwami 2, the remastered version of Sega's 2006 game Yakuza 2, will launch this August as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

AtGames' Facebook page was reported to have announced the company's involvement, even answering some questions from fans. Those posts have since disappeared.

Sega Ages is not a new series.

Representatives for Sega didn't respond to a request for comment as of publishing.