School board creates new cafeteria positions

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The Hempstead school board on Monday night approved the district's $215 million-plus budget proposal for the 2018-19 academic year - the panel's first spending plan since the state appointed a special consultant to help turn around the struggling system.

The Marathon Budget is proposed at $18.2 million, up about $391,000 from past year, or 2.19%. Goolsby has been a part of big projects like the new high school athletic complex and has made great memories during his time on the board.

But enrollment has leveled off around the 690 mark since 2015, after more than a decade of steady decline, according to district figures.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase joined us in studio with why the school president president is trying to erase his name from accusations of not being transparent.

We were unable to find current budget information for Homer. For those of you that are here and it seems like this is very fast, partly because it's because we have been looking at it for a long time and had a lot of discussions.

"We're going to be presenting that to the board next month and making some decisions how we can utilize that money", she said. "As a citizen of Grand Forks who pays taxes for the school district, I am horribly disappointed in all of the leadership in the school district if this behavior has been going on and nobody had the guts to say this isn't right".

Marchese implored the school board to not sell the project short.

"It's proactive. They build relationships with students".

The two have also clashed on a proposal to re-align elementary grades from two K-6 schools to one primary center covering K-3 and an intermediate center housing 4-6 and pre-K. The amended agreement does not change the $5 million purchase.

"I am prepared tonight to recommend to the board that we go with Thompson-Steed to service our district once again", said Director of Schools Scott Benson. Mobile units now serve as classrooms for almost half of Pinehurst Elementary's students. The attorney had accompanied Wick to the special February board meeting where school commissioners voted to launch an internal investigation into whether Obeng was the subject of racial discrimination.

"Every year with our community report I have suggested, for example, that we do something other than print a few copies and put them out there", he said. news partner WHNT-TV19 reported that Akin had notified Huntsville school board members that he planned to accept the offer "pending contract negotiations".

Dr. Gloria Rendon and Theresa Sias, with a consulting group associated with the New Mexico School Board Association of Santa Fe, worked with the RISD School Board and committee after September of past year to hire a new superintendent.

The committee lessened the tax impact by applying $725,000 in school choice funds and $80,000 in other revenue to the proposed budget.