Russian ruble falls in price after Trump announced attacks in Syria

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"Very calm and calculated with a big focus on open and fair trade with China, the coming North Korea meeting and, of course, the vicious gas attack in Syria", Trump tweeted early in the morning.

"Additionally, non-US persons could face sanctions for knowingly facilitating significant transactions for or on behalf of the individuals or entities blocked today".

This afternoon the U.S. issued a furious condemnation on the chemical attack outside Damascus, with president Donald Trump saying "Syria, Russia, Iran or all three" could be responsible.

Medvedev also said that the sanctions were created to help U.S. business interests around the world.

"As for the warnings from the US President's officials that Washington does not exclude the possibility of striking Syria - you know; our military has already reacted to this". The White House said Tuesday that Trump is contemplating a military response.

Russia's rouble extended losses on Wednesday to hit its weakest since November 2016 as selling continued in the wake of new U.S. sanctions and as geopolitical tensions over Syria rose, with Turkey's lira also plumbing another record low. Trump cancelled a foreign trip in order to manage a crisis that is testing his vow to stand up to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Asked whether France would take military action, Macron said his country will continue discussing technical and strategic information with USA and British allies and "in the coming days we will announce our decision".

He added, however, that the USA would be unlikely to warn Russian Federation of the coming strike this time.

In some respects the ball is now in the Russian court to try and de-escalate, as if Russia-Western relations continue on the current path, more sanctions will inevitably follow, with ever more Russian oligarchs and business interests rolled in.

He added that the Special Counsel's investigation into 2016 election meddling has further strained the relationship between the countries.

Russian ruble falls in price after Trump announced attacks in Syria
Russian ruble falls in price after Trump announced attacks in Syria

Russia's sovereign dollar bonds fell across the curve, with its September 2043 eurobond falling to a five-day low.

Apart from the latest round of U.S. punitive measures, the Russian market continued to be under additional pressure from a proposal of United States congressmen to impose more sanctions over Russia's alleged, but unproven involvement in the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Britain. But I think with the latest US Treasury designations from April 6, it is now going to be very hard to read future USA sanctions designations. "Still, nevertheless, I don't exclude that we will have to review all the aspects of cooperation with the main areas".

Given the prospect of conflict with Russian Federation as well as Syria, Sanders said that "all options are on the table". Virtually all US missiles now have advanced guidance systems. They were imposed following USA frustration with Russian policy in Syria and Ukraine, as well as alleged election interference.

"October will mark 70 years since our countries established diplomatic relations and now our colleagues are agreeing on a program of measures to celebrate this jubilee", he said, according to TASS, adding that Russian Federation would continue "humanitarian assistance" to North Korea.

On the Moscow exchange, the main MOEX index was up nearly 4 percent by late afternoon after taking a heavy hit Monday, though the dollar-denominated RTS index was down 0.7 percent. Gold rose for a fourth session, though it was the hammering of Russia's and also Turkey's currencies that drew most attention. "History will record that on this day, Russian Federation chose protecting a monster over the lives of the Syrian people".

"I have an impression that Americans' survival instincts have grown numb, if not vanished completely", Buzhinsky said.

It is unclear how the U.S. might retaliate in the event of Russian Federation failing to extend overflight rights, but "tit-for-tat" seems a favoured political move at the moment. "The US administration made it clear that no Russian oligarch can now escape".

The Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed that as fake news.

Amid the tough talk at the White House, the US military appeared to be in position to carry out any attack order.

"Schlumberger has really been one of the few to call Russian Federation kind of a core part of their worldwide strategy", Anderson said.