Read The Norse Message Found on 'God of War' Steelcase

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He's back and older than ever. The axe is Kratos's best weapon (or is it?), but even when you're only rocking his shield and fists you can still stun your enemies as well as damage them. Kratos functions as an advisor as well as bodyguard to the child, and also needs to learn how to control rage which has pushed him for long period of times. He tells his father of the dream he just had, pleading how it felt real and could be a sign of things to come, but Kratos simply says the pair will "worry about it tomorrow".

The feature was shown during Sony's celebratory livestream for the launch of God of War.

The new chapter in the "God of War" saga finds Kratos at a different stage of his life.

It's Thor, no doubt with a bone to pick with Kratos for not just killing his brother Baldur, but his thunderous sons as well. Row to every shore.

God of War is now available to play exclusively on Playstation 4. Don't be afraid to get off the beaten path. The chemistry between the two characters is fantastic and all the credit should go to Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic who voice the father and son.

See something? There's something. For example, they can rely on runic attacks or focus on armor sets and upgrades that let players build up meter for Kratos' most powerful ability - his Spartan rage. These add to your health and spartan rage meters. In order to unlock them, you have to have enough money or specific materials with which you can unlock them easily. Money! Why can't our world have loot like these hiding around the corners?

Enemy level matters (a lot): If you encounter an enemy with a purple health bar it means that they're at least three levels ahead of you. If you're here to find out how to use Mystic Gateways and how to unlock them, read on.

It confirms that all the various gods, fables and mythologies of the world are - in this franchise - existing alongside one another on the same planet. These are his eyes throughout the world and if you don't want him spying on you, you're best served by murdering them. Added to this was a big shake-up of the game's mechanics, meaning God of War was always going to be a sink or swim affair. If you've been following through with us since the beginning you already know what to expect, if you jumped in because you need a little help with a certain enemy or puzzle, welcome, and don't forget to check out our previous videos in case you missed something good.