News report on safety targets low-cost carrier Allegiant Air

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Another issue brought to light by the audits: the airline's rapid expansion combined with its reliance on MD-80s pushing 30 years of age was creating major disruptions. PGD works cooperatively with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure the safety and security of our terminal and airfield. "The bottom line is that, true or false, that was 30 minutes of terrible publicity for Allegiant with sound bites that will extend the story".

Industry insiders told Contact 13 the discount airline was putting profit over passenger safety. The review didn't find "any systemic safety or regulatory problems", although it did identify "a number of less serious issues, which Allegiant addressed". "Yet for the most part, Allegiant's difficulties have managed to stay under the radar of the flying public".

"Please, if the FAA watches this, please get involved!"

The report does acknowledge a "sharp drop-off" in Allegiant service issues after the airline and the FAA knew they were working on the story. "I consistently sell Allegiant out of this office". They were not airworthy!

News4Jax aviation analyst Ed Booth, who's a veteran pilot and aviation attorney, was alarmed hearing stories on engine failures and smoke in the cabin.

In a memo to employees, CEO Maurice Gallagher and other executives said they were ready "to fight back" against the network.

Kinzer's wrongful termination case will be heard in Clark County District Court in May.

Allegiant has made at least one emergency landing in Plattsburgh.

Officials at the Ogdensburg airport are aware of the 60 Minutes report, but they are saying it doesn't apply here. Another statement from Capt. Steve Allen can be found below.

But Davis, who watched most of the "60 Minutes" investigative report, admits "It was very disturbing". Founded in 1997, Allegiant operates a fleet of about 100 aircraft serving 177 destinations.

Davis added that he wouldn't put any client on a flight to Allegiant if he thought the airline was incompetent or unsafe.

In 2017, almost 1.4 million passengers came through the East Valley airport. Most of the problems were associated with the MD-80 aircraft, which are among the oldest aircraft operating today. "And we've seen some problems with the contractors that they've used".

In its statement, the FAA said that commercial aviation in the US operates at an "unprecedented" level of safety.

Both Allegiant and the IBT have safety channels through which concerns can be brought forward. "We are the same great company we've always been, with an outstanding safety record".

"The number of in-flight incidents that Allegiant has had speaks volumes, it is simply unacceptable", Alan Price, a former chief pilot for Delta Air Lines, said.