Mom in Fatal Cliff Crash Sent Disturbing Text Days Before Crash

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Efforts to find the three missing Hart children are continuing. A third was confirmed dead.

A family of four is missing in California, and authorities fear they may have pushed into the Eel River whereas on a freeway journey.

In 2013, a former friend of the Hart family told child welfare officials in OR in 2013 that Jennifer and Sarah Hart deprived the kids of food as punishment. He wanted them to leave the food in a box by a fence where his parents couldn't see it. "We are financially backward, so the fee for a degree college is too high for us", she says.

"And gave them to monsters", Davis added.

We visited Downs' family this morning and spoke with her 82-year-old grandmother, who is devastated by her loss, and who said that she is planning on selling her property, a place where she grew up as a child, and going to live elsewhere.

Cocaine addiction led to Davis losing custody of Devonte in 2006, along with siblings Jeremiah and Sierra, whom she'd named Ciara Rose.

Travis and Annette Wells knew before they were married that they wanted children.

Sandhya hopes to do a B.Com in Computers, but as her family can't afford it, she has appealed to the state government for help. She talked about her experiences moving around the U-S as a military child.

A side effect of the allergy drug is that it can make people exhausted. The family also was investigated in 2013 when they lived in OR after a family friend reported witnessing "controlling emotional abuse and cruel punishment" toward the children.

They adopted Cornelius from Guatemala and had planned to adopt more children from there as well.

"I put it out in the bucket and stuck it deep in the bucket and went in to start dinner", she said.

Mama grew up at Obazagbon, a quiet and peaceful village in Uhunmwode Local Government Area, though she spent some years in Benin City having been sent to accompany her eldest sister who was newly married. "The only relative that they knew - I felt she was such a good candidate", Jones said. Jennifer accused of her being "a brat" and then ignored her for days.

"I gave up", Davis said. "I think the filters on top were dry enough where it might have taken, and I'm having a hard time dealing with it".

Case workers returned to the home that Monday, the 26th, but there was no answer.

Despite these odds, Sandhya scored 93% in the first year of her Intermediate, before now passing out with 86% - scoring 858 marks out of 1000. She never gave up hoping she'd one day reunite her family. The insurance adjuster said he appreciated us telling him the truth because he said a lot of people lie because they need a new house or they need extra money.

One of the two still missing was 15-year-old Devonte Hart, an African-American youth who gained attention in 2014 after being photographed embracing a white police officer during a protest following the fatal police shooting of a young black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.