Google Introduces Improved Search for Movies

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If you were wondering why Google's hardware range is not as visible in India, as some of its rivals like Apple and Amazon are, you need not wait for long. The speakers are aimed towards home automation with localized Voice Match feature and are said to be unveiled on April 10. While most users should get the update via over-the-air (OTA) users of compatible devices can also manually check for the update by going in to Settings System updates.

Google plans to launch a mid-range Pixel smartphone focused on price-sensitive markets such as India around July-August, and its next flagship Pixel smartphone may hit the market around Diwali, they said. Sadly, there have been no revelations related to its price or specifications, so there is very little information related to these categories.

For those unaware, and the ones who have been living under a rock, Gaana and Saavn are two of the most popular music streaming services in India. As of now, it is expected that the smart speakers will come with support for English (India). The new Voice Match feature would be able to differentiate different dialects and provide appropriate answers. The Google Home and Home mini can search for answers, news, weather, finance etc., control smart devices in your house, manage your calendar, read aloud audiobooks, set up reminders and much more. The speaker talks to connected home devices and is powered by its AI-based assistant, Google Assistant. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S9 shipped with an 845 processor, it will be interesting to see if Qualcomm makes quick enough progress for us to see a Google Pixel 3 with a new generation of processor. Flipkart has a dedicated webpage for Google Home speakers, hinting at their imminent arrival and more. We are speculating the Google Home to be priced around Rs. 9,999 (approximately $154) and the Home Mini to cost around Rs. 4,499, which roughly converts to $69.

Bloomberg reported that Google is widely considered to be one of the tech industry's leaders in both search and AI, but is also coming under threat.