Facebook founder's data 'was included in breach'

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Congressman Greg Walden, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, dove right into questioning just how broad the social networking company's business has become since Zuckerberg started Facebook as a site for connecting with friends in his college dorm room.

It's privacy-eating snake chomping down on its own tail.

Not aware of other third-parties mishandling data for now.

Zuckerberg apologized for the second straight day for failing to protect users' privacy.

That didn't really answer the question. Zuckerberg said a lot of things during his testimony including Facebook and WhatsApp do not share data with each other.

"You didn't know what a shadow profile was".

During the grilling session, a Senator asked Zuckerberg who owned an individual's presence online? Zuckerberg wants to talk about another. Ed Markey (D-MA) at Tuesday's Senate hearing.

Those with affected accounts will see a notification at the top of their Facebook News Feed, informing them how they are affected. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) asked what sorts of legislative changes he thinks would help solve the problems exposed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. "Now, that threat went straight through your detection systems, it spread very quickly, and then it took attempt after attempt after attempt, and the involvement of civil society groups, to get you to remove it", the Senator said. "We're getting ready to overreact".

"We do not sell data to advertisers", the Facebook CEO testified during a Senate hearing. But that doesn't mean it doesn't profit from it. He noted that larger companies like Facebook have more resources to comply with regulations than small startups.

"We did this because the app may have misused some of your Facebook information by sharing it with a company called Cambridge Analytica", the notifications read.

The discussions included topics such as encrypted messaging, privacy usability in growing markets, and how Facebook uses data during disaster responses.

Facebook is implementing the GDPR standards for European users next month, and some of its rules will be extended to USA and other users later, he confirmed.

Review which apps have access to you data in your Facebook settings, which is accessible by clicking on the down arrow in your Facebook toolbar.