Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg agrees to tighter regulation

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This is the second recent wave of hearings involving Facebook. Instead, you're going to get a notification and see one of two posts at the top of your news feed. Yet another senator asks him about subpoenas from the Mueller inquiry investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

He later corrected that statement and said it was an advertiser and not banning the firm was a "mistake".

U.S. lawmakers are zeroing in on the correct Facebook target.

Twitter went crazy, trying to figure out why someone in the gallery was listening to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook talk about Cambridge Analytica. "Going to solve this one", read Zuckerberg's notes under the heading "Accountability" and the bullet point "Resign?"

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) questioned Mark Zuckerberg today on the definition of hate speech as the Facebook CEO discussed the social media platform's efforts to crack down on certain content on their platform. The 47-year-old Cruz, who has been known since his Princeton debate team days as a gleefully caustic interlocutor, clearly arrived in the meeting chamber in the Hart Senate Office Building with a plan of attack.

"People could share what they wanted, and then, if someone in the community found it to be offensive or against our policies, they'd flag it for us, and we'd look at it reactively". "How is today's apology different?" Instagram and WhatsApp, two social media platforms also owned by Facebook, are also sometimes used by traffickers. No need for Zuckerberg to dredge up lessons from some long-ago lesson in faking humility and charm. It is our mission to try to help connect everyone around the world and bring the world closer together. Advertisers choose the types of users they want to reach.

On Tuesday, the Facebook CEO testified in front of a rare US Senate joint committee hearing. His testimony is set to get underway at 2:15 p.m. ET. "We're now doing a better job of identifying fake accounts, especially in the French elections" that took place in 2017. In Peters's case, the question happened to refer to one of the biggest conspiracy theories that people believe about Facebook.

Democrats like Nelson have argued that federal laws might be necessary to ensure user privacy. But with only five minutes per senator, he was never pushed as far as he could have been. "There will always be a version of Facebook that is free".

A video of Sen. And no, he's not resigning.

The Amazon Echo is already pretty good at voice recognition, thanks to its seven built-in microphones.

Flipping a coin is a great way to settle simple disputes (like who should do the dishes or which show to watch), but what if you don't have a coin to flip? But for many critics, it was too little, too late. "I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here". Zuckerberg's appearance worked to calm investors who have watched as Facebook rode through a series of scandals involving privacy and Cambridge Analytica over the last few weeks. It's too bad the same rule doesn't apply to dating sites.

And many users are in favor of some government regulation.

He outlined steps the company has taken to restrict outsiders' access to people's personal information. He also assured Cornyn that the data of the company's customers was safe. Ortutay reported from New York.