EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

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In his opening statement, Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R., S.D.) said, "Today's hearings are extraordinary".

Facebook cites a change in algorithms from 2016 that reduced stories from sources that consistently post click-bait headlines, among other things, in an effort to help people "meaningfully connect with friends and family". "We're not. You need to go home and right your ship".

Gleaning data from a user's likes, friends and posts is key to Facebook's core business of targeted-advertising, which helped the company make $40.1 billion in revenue previous year.

Almost 42percent said they'd spend between $1 and $5 a month for Facebook.

"But I think you have to be careful about putting regulation in place". This has caused the government and users alike to call Facebook's entire presence as a social media platform into question. A company whistleblower revealed that they advised the Trump campaign on how to target ads, both to boost Trump and suppress Democratic voter turnout.

"We don't want anyone to be unhappy with our services", Zuckerberg said.

Facebook's share price rose by more than 5% on the first day of Zuckerberg's testimony boosting the tech company's market value by more than $24 billion.

Facebook is founded on the idea of sharing data, which can consist of pictures, likes or locations. There's something - Privacy Badger.

Zuckerberg said user ownership of content is fundamental to the website. The default option when asking users if they want to subscribe must be "no". Paul Olivier-Dehaye has recently described to MPs that he is trying his best to get Facebook to hand over all the data that the firm has collected through Custom Audiences and Pixel. For example, suppose one of your friends uploaded a picture with you in it. In fact, it sounds like we don't have any control over the information Facebook collects. But in Bhatt's opinion, data is even harder to control than oil.

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We can't expect a company like Facebook to protect our privacy; we must do that for ourselves. "Facebook should be no different than that", Goldstein said in an email.

That's a mistake. Facebook may tout itself as an idealistic operation, connecting humans across the globe for the greater good, but its business model is based on monetizing as much personal data as possible. Welcome to the program. Otherwise, you're taking away commercial property rights from Facebook. What are they looking for in the way of data? But then when I went to the contact info section, they didn't have anything. "I wasn't as anxious as everyone else, but I am glad that I didn't have to worry about my personal info getting out there". "Or you haven't put it there". There is no earthly use for much of the data it collects and there is probably some that it could collect but does not. "It's a tough situation to ask people to withdraw from Facebook, so instead of that people want some kind of action". "It'll be a higher (return on investment) than Facebook ads, and we'll be happy to wrap up our advertising there". Until two weeks ago when they announced they were ending it, they were actually buying data from data brokers about your off-line transactions and your level of income, your vehicle ownership.

In light of these recent revelations, Privacy International on Wednesday called for "real data protection-not just better privacy settings". Julia, thanks for speaking with us. She's an investigative reporter and author of the book "Dragnet Nation: A Quest For Privacy, Security, And Freedom In A World Of Relentless Surveillance".