Dwayne Johnson has a million-watt smile: Naomie Harris

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The chemistry between the trio keeps the whole movie afloat, especially once the situation with George starts to go completely off the rails.

This weekend, Rampage hopes to be the rare video game movie to succeed, partly due to Johnson's presence.

That's surprising, too, as you'd think Warner Bros. would be beyond eager to get Johnson into the DCEU.

After much speculation about Johnson's political ambitions, the star told the Press Association at Rampage's European premiere in London: "I think right now I am just learning as much as I can".

Peyton says Johnson - known as The Rock during his wrestling career - has all the qualities needed to carry an action-packed blockbuster because you believe he could actually save the world from such fantastical threats. He plays Davis Okoye, a primatologist at a San Diego zoo who prefers animals to people, particularly George, a hefty-looking albino gorilla. Amongst the inmates is unique albino silverback gorilla George, an intelligent, friendly, though obviously strong beast who has been hand-reared, nearly from birth, by Davis. It's not quite a kaiju version of Clifford the Big Red Dog, but it's close - except George, who communicates predominantly in sign language, occasionally edges into an eye-rolling elementary school humor that may cause your mileage to very. However, it turns out the situation is even more complicated than they thought, as Davis and Kate soon learn that George isn't the only animal that's been infected by this odd pathogen...

And she said she would be delighted to be reunited with him for the next Bond film. Cut to several canisters landing across the world, one of these odd items lands in George's enclosure, and something worrisome happens to George. This makes the formula's effect on him seem more like 'roid rage than the horrific evolution that befalls the wolf and the crocodile. Movies to promote his latest film, Rampage.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan deserves better than this. But it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, in fine fettle, who does as much structural damage as the monsters do, chewing the scenery as a swaggering cowboy of a government agent, replete with pearl-handled pistol on his hip.

But what sticks out for me as the worst part of the movie is a dramatic moment that becomes a total dud. Johnson, unfortunately, has to pull most of the weight charm-wise as the majority of the cast add nothing to the story. Okoye is shot by the evil CRISPR owner (played by Malin Akerman), leaving Dr. Caldwell all alone trying to stop the onslaught of monsters.

Speaking to Collider.com, he said: "When I was a really poor, young, aspiring filmmaker, I watched and read everything that I could". And that's it! It's never addressed again, he goes on like he's never been shot in the gut. The movie doesn't exactly boast a rich color palette (like San Andreas, it's mostly painted in flat shades of brown and grey), but its action and set pieces are photographed in a clean fashion that makes them easy to follow.