Dr Strange meets London fans at 'Avengers' movie event

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Digital Spy Films mention that they have seen 30 minutes of "Avengers: Infinity War", so something doesn't quite line up. Apparently, fan enthusiasm for Marvel superheroes has not waned at all, because ticket presales for Infinity War are now outpacing the last seven Marvel Cinematic Universe films combined at the same point in the sales cycle - including Black Panther.

Discussions a few months back about Black Panther's presales numbers going into its February 16 release nearly seem quaint now. Fortunately, Infinity War is, indeed, delivering that and then some with its advance numbers, which are already on track to break records that were just broken by fellow MCU movie Black Panther.

In fact, at this point in its sales cycle, Infinity War isn't just dwarfing Black Panther's numbers.

We don't get to see the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy in any of the other movies, so it's important to meet them before they join the action in Avengers: Infinity War. The staying power of Marvel's unprecedented smash hit is historic and the film will likely still be playing to adoring audiences come the end of the month, allowing for a great double feature with Infinity War.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Favreau, and Robert Downey Jr. are all filmed spending time together, as Paltrow talks about the years that they've spent navigating this universe, side-by-side. Nevertheless, Infinity War will pass Black Panther, though, we believe not by a long shot.

Irish media outlet JOE.ie praised the film, saying the teaser is "an awesome treat" and even in 24 minutes, it managed to be "more quotable than most feature-length films". It's a nice little video, especially the new bits of footage that show the various combinations of superheroes. The last two Avengers films made nearly a billion dollars alone in the worldwide box office. The film opens April 27 worldwide.

A new TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War, the latest in a stream of promotional material for the movie ahead of its worldwide release in two weeks, was released online on Tuesday. But with stakes so high in Infinity War, not to mention its catastrophic nature, fans should prepare for the worst.