Discounted Spotify And Hulu Bundle Costs $12.99 Per Month

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This saves you a total of $5 if you're opting to pay for the Premium Spotify subscription along with the standard Hulu subscription.

Spotify and Hulu are expanding their discounted bundle to bring both services to all users for just $12.99 a month. Usually, Spotify is $9.99 and Hulu's Limited Commercials plan costs $7.99 - that means those of you who take advantage of the offer will save $7.99 per month. They could save a few dollars by buying the bundle instead of subscribing to both services separately.

Hulu's standard United States packages are $7.99-per-month for "Limited Commercials" and $11.99-per-month for a completely ad-free experience - although it does offer a month's free trial to new users.

To be perfectly clear, you'll be charged $10.98 for your first month of promotional combined service, $9.99 for months two and three (each), and $12.99 afterward.

Music streaming giant Spotify is reportedly planning to expand its Free service in order to give non-paying users greater flexibility when using mobile devices.

The package follows the success of a Spotify and Hulu bundle that became available to students in fall 2017. Remember though that you still have to factor in the PS Plus cost of £49.99 a year ($59.99 in the USA, though both territories can be found more affordably if you shop around).

Do you think Spotify's free service is in need of a tune-up?

Existing Spotify Premium subscribers interested in the new bundle can simply upgrade their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, Now With Hulu. At the time, they hinted that a broader bundle would soon follow. And the companies say the goal is to roll out the deal for everyone (not just current Spotify Premium members) this summer.