Cosby lawyers suggest accuser testified against him to help career

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Another accuser, Janice Baker-Kinney, said Cosby drugged and raped her in Reno, Nevada, in 1982, when she was 24.

"I had no indication that he would want me to take two for any other reason than to have fun", she testified.

Sixty women have publicly accused Cosby of being a serial predator, alleging that he drugged and assaulted them over a span of 40 years. He says the encounter was consensual.

In a dramatic moment that veered from the prosecution's script, Lasha attempted to address the 80-year-old Cosby directly.

"It's still hard for me to utter those words", Baker-Kinney said emotionally.

But now she said she wanted to express the anger of the other women and had chosen to do it topless so as to use her body as "a political tool".

Lasha said Cosby then laid her down on the bed, and she could not move.

Afterward, Ms. Lasha said Mr. Cosby told her, "Daddy said wake up", before pushing her out the door.

Then she locked eyes with the disgraced comedian.

Cosby's lawyers argued in court documents on Monday that Lasha's record is vital to assessing her credibility. Mesereau, who won an acquittal in Michael Jackson's 2005 child molestation case, told the jury instead that Constand was in deep financial trouble and had pinned her hopes on milking her relationship with Cosby. She said a few days after the incident, she received a phone call from Cosby: "People who talk too much can be quieted", he said, according to her.

Mesereau's attack on Constand was a striking departure from the more subdued tone that Cosby's previous lawyer took at the first trial, which ended in a hung jury last spring. She had a cold, so Cosby offered her a pill that he described as an antihistamine and gave her a shot of amaretto. He alluded to a 1997 case in which Autumn Jackson threatened to go public with claims she was Cosby's daughter unless he paid her $40 million.

"I just couldn't move my body - he was facing me sideways, pinching my breast and humping my leg", she said.

Tom Mesereau, lawyer for Bill Cosby, leaves the courtroom during the third day in Cosby's sexual assault case at the Montgomery County Courthouse, April 11, 2018, in Norristown, Penn. Cosby's lawyers want the man removed as a juror.

At the first trial, only Constand and one other accuser testified as Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill refused to allow others to take the witness stand.

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

Another accuser, sobbing uncontrollably as she testified, told jurors she got to know Cosby through a family connection as a 17-year-old aspiring model and actress.

Cosby's defense team briefly cross-examined Thomas before court adjourned, withholding contentious questions, but will resume cross-examination on Wednesday.

The prosecution is turning to the supporting evidence of five women who have alleged they were assaulted by the TV comic in strikingly similar ways, including being made incapable of giving or refusing sexual consent through drugs.

The amount had been confidential - and was kept out of the first trial - but a judge ruled that both sides could discuss it at this one.

The judge reminded jurors that Cosby is on trial only for alleged aggravated assault against Constand.

She jumped over a crowd barrier outside the courthouse and yelled "Women's lives matter" before being wrestled to the ground by courthouse deputies about 10 yards in front of Cosby as he walked toward the building's front doors.

She rejected a defence lawyer's insinuation that she would do anything to help the comedian's chief accuser, Andrea Constand. He says that the truth will be shown in court and Cosby will be vindicated.

The first of the five women, Heidi Thomas, returns to the witness stand on Wednesday.

Under cross-examination, she told jurors that numerous more than a dozen interviews she gave after going public stemmed from her work to extend the statute of limitations for sex crimes. "A con artist is what you get, ladies and gentlemen of the jury", the defense attorney said.

Cosby's celebrity defense attorney Tom Mesereau has branded Constand a lying, money-obsessed "con artist" who falsely accused the star to bag a almost $3.4 million civil settlement in 2006 to evade debts.