Border agent charged in death of child, mother

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Iberia Sheriff's deputies are investigating a pedestrian accident that injured a young woman and her child last night. Police said she was in guarded condition Monday.

Mother accused of trying to sell her child's organs.

Media shops record 29-year-old Bo White's body has been discovered April 1 at his home inside exactly the Lerona place along with also his mind at a woods.

After he went into a business, a witness reported seeing a woman get into the auto and drive away with the children inside.

She said she had drunk four or five 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor and downed a handful of sleeping pills.

She says it's the only thing she can do for her daughter now that she is gone.

According to the court documents, Miller grabbed the woman by her face and said he was going to kill her in front of the little girl.

According to the TV station, Rauch admitted to "spanking the child over the clothes with her hand, but contended a belt was never used". "I couldn't breathe", said Ayanna Robinson, who said she learned that her son was in the hospital through a Facebook message early Monday morning. She admitted making false representation to get benefits and failing to declare a change of circumstances. "It certainly doesn't excuse it". The woman, the mother of two kids suffered 80 per cent burns and was locked in a room by her husband after he set her ablaze.