Apple reportedly working on iPhone touchless gesture controls

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The Instagram app will disappear from Apple Watch with the next update to the watch's operating system. We've tracked down the best predictions. He predicts Apple will hit the $1 trillion market cap by the end of this year with a potential 350 million iPhone upgrades over the next 18 months.

Back in November, the USA's trademark office published quite a surprising Apple patent application.

There aren't many curved-screen smartphones.

What do you think the advantages of a curved iPhone could be?

Flat phones could be replaced by bendy blowers in the next few years2. Apple's main competitor, Samsung, has had both technologies as a part of its previous fare. With this, there will be a new battery health setting placed under the "Battery" section in the device's settings. Bloomberg also claimed that Apple might be planning to release iPhone X's with OLED or organic light emitting diode, screen later this year.

It works by using lasers to create a high-quality 3D scan of your face. Judging by the description of the display, the phone is likely to have a rather large screen and an OLED panel, given that only OLEDs can curve easily. Air Gestures have been around since the launch of the Galaxy S4. The mighty iPhone X, Apple's tenth anniversary iPhone, marked the first prominent re-design in iPhones since ever.

Considering how long the company has been rumored to be working on a curved display, consumers should take this news with a grain of salt.

The new displays is a new gesture control feature. The report says that a "curved iPhone may be as little as two to three years away".

This would mark a big shift in the look and feel of the iPhone, though we are certainly excited to see what this opens up for future designs.

What's your zaniest prediction for Apple's next iPhone? Meanwhile, our readers can head to the comments section below and let us know their thoughts on this latest rumour.