Apple memo leaked warning employees not to leak information

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So when Apple did not release a gold iPhone X this year, some people were disappointed.

Internal leaks are frequent in Silicon Valley companies, but have been noted to be on the increase at Apple particularly.

Every Apple launch is covered by the select press invited to such events like it's a holy event, and with a blinkered positivity from many about what are often deeply flawed products.

However, a recent leak suggests Apple had indeed planned to bust out the gold paint for its fanciest handset ever.

Apple memo leaked warning employees not to leak information
Apple memo leaked warning employees not to leak information

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had at that time said that Apple was having problems manufacturing a "Blush Gold" iPhone X which will go on sale at a later date to give Apple time to resolve the issues. Read the whole memo at Bloomberg. Tim Cook leaks have become more common. It also noted that in 2017, "Apple caught 29 leakers, and of those, 12 were arrested". The memo said the leakers were Apple employees as well as contractors and supply chain partners. Apple has further indicated that these employees would also find it very hard to find employment opportunities in the future as well. Apple has recently posted a cautionary memo on its website, which is one of the most aggressive moves to warn employees against leaking details about upcoming products to the media organisation.

Naturally this is created to keep products secret until the manufacturers actually launch them. "Thousands of people work tirelessly for months to deliver each major software release", says UIKit lead Josh Shaffer, whose team's work was part of the iOS 11 leak last fall. Accordingly, the employees who leaked information lost everything when they were caught red-handed.

As it has been indicated in several reports and analyst predictions, Apple is not taking any chances this time and has commenced working on the 2018 iPhone X model slightly ahead of schedule to bring it to markets on time. Last year, another employee was sacked for leaking details about the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and AirPods to 9to5Mac. In 2017, Apple caught 29 leakers.

While they carry serious consequences, leaks are completely avoidable.