`A Quiet Place' Opens In Number One Place

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A desperately needed turnaround may be starting to take hold at Paramount Pictures, which found its first hit in two years over the weekend by making a wild bet on a almost dialogue-free horror movie.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Emily shared: "We've always been able to talk and discuss everything together".

John Krasinksi's "A Quiet Place" has opened with a thunderous $50 million in ticket sales for the year's second-best debut after "Black Panther".

As a celebration of the physical expressiveness and visual storytelling of silent cinema, "A Quiet Place" speaks volumes without a word being uttered. I'm a scaredy cat.

However, it all turned around when Emily read the script and decided she wanted in. According to Forbes, the opening for A Quiet Place has been bigger than the opening days for The Purge, Split and Get Out.

Celebrities Emily Blunt and John Krasinski arrive to get a Exceptional screening of "Final Portrait" at NY, U.S., " March 22, 2018. The near perfection of this movie lies in the fact that writer-director-actor John Karsinsky is courageous enough to nattily shape a 1 hour 95 minutes feature film without using dialogues and serenading the sound of silence in any which way you can imagine. It is unlikely that A Quiet Place will prove quite so leggy given it faces stiffer competition in April than Get Out did in February and March of a year ago (Rampage and the umpteenth Avengers movie are just around the corner). She just said: "This is going to be the scariest part I'll ever play". It's Fflled with incredible performances from the cast and chemistry between both the parents (Krasinski and Blunt are married in real life) and Lee and his daughter Regan.

EMILY Blunt is one of Britain's most critically-acclaimed and universally-respected acting talents, with a host of hit movies under her belt. So, I said yes right away. "And in this movie, I'm actually acting out my everyday fears". She would have said yes I'll do it for you, that would have broken my heart. Well, the whole thing for me is I've been a huge fan of Jack Ryan - I feel like he's our James Bond.

Asked if he was nervous at the prospect of working with his wife, he told Graham: 'I was terrified, I'd never been on a set when she was working... The thriller, about a family trying to survive after Earth is overrun by alien predators who hunt by sound, has already raked in $45 million.

And in its third weekend, Fox Searchlight and Wes Anderson's stop-motion movie Isle of Dogs expanded to 554 theaters (up from 165), taking in an estimated $4.6 million and cracking the top 10.