Xi is transforming China. Is Washington taking notice?

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At this year's two sessions, which opened in Beijing on Saturday, journalists will see new characters on the carpet: national legislators and political advisers.

Chinese economy outperformed its annual growth target by expanding 6.9 per cent last year, picking up for the first time in seven years.

China on Sunday said the decision to scrap two-term limit for President Xi Jinping is essential for upholding the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Regardless of whether the Trump thought it was a good idea or not, political commentators and business people in China voiced their displeasure on the proposal by the Communist party in the country.

Its delegates, about 3,000 of them representing all provinces and regions, are technically elected, but in practice, hand-picked by the Party.

The gathering of top Chinese leaders this week takes place against a backdrop of rising tensions over global trade.

China maintained its growth target for 2018, despite the economy surpassing the goal previous year, as the government aims to contain corporate debt and rein in pollution.

China today skipped the customary announcement of the defence budget ahead of the annual Parliament meeting and justified the steady rise in its military spending, second highest in the world, saying it was in tune with its security needs and would not pose a threat to any country. Spending is expected to total CNY 1.11 trillion.

Trade tensions between the world's two largest economies have risen since Trump took office in 2017, and although China only accounts for a small fraction of USA steel imports, its massive industry expansion has helped produce a global glut of steel that has driven down prices. After years of rapid growth, millions have been lifted out of poverty and there is a ballooning middle class. The port is at the heart of the $50 billion Chinese investment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The meeting also adopted the ten-item agenda of the session. Instead, the report said growth in the money supply would remain consistent with 2017, when it grew by 8.2%.

This could indicate further action like that taken against insurance giant Anbang, which was last month taken over by insurance regulators.

The Chinese government on Monday announced an economic growth target of 6.5%.

The unreasonable and excessive use of trade-remedy measures by the Trump administration will not help revitalize relevant industries in the USA, said China's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying, citing Wang.

Zhang Yesui, the spokesperson of China's National People's Congress, waves during a press conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 4, 2018.

The comments from Yu Zhengsheng come amid heightened Western scrutiny of the Communist Party's attempts to exert control and influence overseas, including over the Chinese diaspora in countries like Australia and the United States.