Women at higher risk of chronic kidney diseases

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"In women who have had a successful kidney transplant, fertility can be at least partly restored and chances of successful birth increase", said Dr Giorgina Piccoli of Italy's University of Torino and the Centre Hospitalier Le Mans, France. Since this year it coincides with the International Women's Day, it is being celebrated with the theme "Kidneys & Women's Health: Include, Value, Empower".

The black and Asian community are even more affected by the decline in living kidney donations as organs are matched by blood group and tissue type.

Encouraging systematic screening of people who are diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure - basically, those who are more prone to CKD.

Specific autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic scleroderma disproportionally affect women, and both these diseases and their treatments can harm kidneys.

"It was one time that I had given up hope, but both were standing firmly behind me", Meena said.

"Look after yourself", she says.

Announcing the campaign, Dr Gandhi, trustee of the foundation says, "Chronic kidney disease is a "Silent Killer"; it usually has no significant symptoms until it has reached later stages where a patient is not left with many choices of treatment". Early kidney disease may not have any symptoms so it's better to get tested for it and ensure tiy kidney health.

One study published in the Lancet a decade ago suggested that transplantation of male donor kidneys into female recipients was more prone to failure.

It shows two-thirds of all living kidney donors in Europe were women in 2014. When should a pregnant woman start dialysis?

Luritja woman named Leanne Maloney had waited for three years for a new kidney, that period may have been the longest for the woman. Georgina Kinney, a 62-year-old patient in Vancouver, is among them. Unfortunately, just as with the cause, there is also no known cure, but the condition progresses in five stages.

She said, "It didn't cross my mind at all that I could be diabetic".

No donor match has been found for Kinney yet. "So I think you should go to nursing school, so I think she would be proud", said Jones.

Its aim is to educate people regarding the dangers of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), which is caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and even a family history of kidney failure.

Mr. Raji further explained that "cancer is linked to kidney disease because when people have cancer there is a swelling in their tummy which compresses on the pipe that brings water from the kidney to be passed out, this causes an obstruction thereby transmitting pressure on the kidney and that destroys the kidney".

The recorded number of women on dialysis however is on the lower side compared to men. Dr Naveeen M Nayak, Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram pointed out that obesity is a potent risk factor for the development of kidney disease. Pregnancy can also have a negative impact should a transplant be required in the future.