White House fires top Tillerson aide

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Trump has also nominated Gina Haspel, the current deputy director at the Central Intelligence Agency, to replace Pompeo at the CIA.

The rare firing of the United States' top diplomat capped months of friction between the Republican president and the 65-year-old former Exxon Mobil Corp chief executive.

Tillerson was forced to convene a press conference in October last to deny reports that he was considering quitting, though he did not comment on a report that he had called Trump a moron after a meeting at the Pentagon.

Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn Trump said: "It was a different mindset, a different thinking".

On the one hand, she appears to be Mike Pompeo's pick.

However, Trump emphatically rejected talk of chaos in his year-old administration as he nears a pivotal moment on the worldwide stage with his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

He had emerged as a vocal critic on Russian Federation - for its role in the annexation of Crimea, support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and alleged meddling in the USA election. "We think she should stand trial to defend herself against the allegations that she was involved in torture and she shouldn't be appointed to any position", the head of the ECCHR's crime division told Al-Jazeera Tuesday.

Israeli officials told Ravid that Trump opposes Europe's "cosmetic changes" and wants a "significant" rewriting of the Iran deal itself.

"I think Rex will be much happier now, but I really appreciate his service", Trump said.

Rex Tillerson, former U.S. Secretary of State, did not talk to Donald Trump before he was sacked Tuesday on Twitter, the Daily Cheat has reported. Trump's announcement came only a few hours after Tillerson landed in Washington after a trip that had been cut short.

Senate Democrat Ron Wyden of OR, a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, announced opposition to Haspel's nomination, as her past renders her "unsuitable" to run the agency.

The White House says he resigned because he "felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team".

Trump has said he will meet with Kim before the end of May to achieve the permanent denuclearization of the regime.

"There is no question that a director leaving after a year is very turbulent for the agency", said former CIA Director Michael Hayden. Trump tweeted, "He will do a fantastic job!"

Also, Tillerson wanted to stay in the Paris Climate Accord and was public with his disagreement about President Trump pulling the United States out of the accord.

An additional concern that the Senate must address is whether Haspel has the independence needed for a CIA director, since she has never left the agency. Trump is also said to respect Pompeo's military background and West Point pedigree. Any employee who acted the way Tillerson did on the job would have been fired long ago.

Mr Trump and Mr Tillerson, who had no diplomatic or political experience before becoming secretary of state, have diverged on policy numerous times, including over North Korea and Russian Federation. -North Korean crisis. While Tillerson favours negotiating with the Korean, Trump disagreed.

Tillerson is only the latest of many high-profile officials to leave the White House.

"Secretary Rex Tillerson has served his country honorably, and I thank him for his steady leadership", Ryan's statement said.

Since Donald Trump's presidency began, there has been an nearly constant upheaval and change in personnel - it took just 11 days for the first change in his administration.

We live in a politically incorrect age, so let's be blunt: Tillerson was an bad, incompetent secretary of state.

Goldstein's firing and Nauert's promotion was part of a day of upheaval in the Trump administration.