Watch Mr. Clean Tom Brady Chug a Beer With Stephen Colbert

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Colbert asked as soon as he brought it up. Of course, this was all a set up to put Brady's beer-chugging skills to the test in front of the live studio audience.

"I was a pretty good beer-chugger back in the day", Brady says. And he pulls two full glasses from behind his desk as soon as the strawberries are gone.

"You don't drink beer?" I don't care whether you like Brady or not, you have to respect that drinking ability.

"Let's try. can we spill?" We'd love to see some old footage of Brady in his chugging prime though. But it will take much longer for the sting of the loss to fade for Patriots fans and their quarterback.

After all, the Patriots quarterback has five Super Bowl titles, a strong claim to greatest-ever status, a supermodel wife and chiseled good looks of his own. He had never eaten a strawberry before and, according to a 2016 interview with New York Magazine, "had no desire to do that".

Brady downed most of his in a single gulp. "I just hate the smell". Watch him destroy Colbert in the video below! The best part came when Brady tried to explain the importance of pliability to Colbert.

Tom Brady is finally showing everyone the hand injury he suffered during the National Football League playoffs - and it's WAYYYY worse than everyone thought. a massive, deep, bloody gash. In spite of this, five-time Super Bowl victor somehow found the strength to try his first strawberry, which he proclaimed was "not that bad", even joking, "Mom, are you proud of me?"