Venezuelan Refugee Living In Sweetwater Wants To Be An "American Idol!"

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Will America again fall in love with the singing competition reality show when it returns with new judges, a new network and a new attitude at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 11, on WEWS Channel 5? The girl who brings her seven-year-old sister into the audition with her. Making viewers instantly root for people is key.

Not fooling around!' As we get closer to the real deal I can nearly feel that we're going to be able to voice our opinions, ' he said, before adding the fighting words: 'I'm bringing my mace!' The hopeful musician will not only walk away with the title of "American Idol", but their life will change forever.

Katy Perry has promised she'll be a "straight shooter" as a judge on "American Idol". A troubling tone to set in the premiere: Here's a judge who's already second-guessing his own opinions. "It's weird going into other people s houses where they have one or two kids and just like walking around and it's so silent, peaceful and nice, and you come back here and it's, oh we're back home, but I wouldn't have it any other way", he said.

While the premiere does not necessarily sell these moments short (the latter actually closes the episode), it does not treat them as dramatically different from some of the other auditions. And they're too young to even be in this spot, but they're so talented.

Why mess with success was Seacrest's attitude when he was asked what would be different about the re-launch of American Idol? "It felt like "Idol" wasn't getting the attention it needed to thrive, and that's what we'll do here".

Conducted by book editor Judith Regan in conjunction with the book, If I Did It, that was originally to be published by Fox's corporate sibling HarperCollins, the interview, which has never aired, reportedly has Simpson, acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman, talking, "hypothetically", about how he might have killed them. Drake and Post Malone are rappers who sing. "They need, like, a real legit American Idol". "Have you ever tried out for American Idol?'".

So, yeah, what would American Idol be without inspiring tales and aspirations, all packaged in backstory videos, nervous entreaties and elaborate vocal runs? I triple dare you.

Where all of Israel is located within one time zone, though, the USA spans several, which made things much more complicated. So even though some of the singers might win you over with their personal style or charm, they're not all going to make it to the meat of the competition. For now, Perry, Bryan, and Richie are the only judges scheduled to appear. The classic judges were, of course, Simon Cowell, known for his cutting but entertaining critiques, Paula Abdul, known for her tendency to not always make much sense, and Randy Jackson, known for not really feeling it, dawg. Facing intense competition - including from NBC's The Voice - the show had plummeted almost 70 percent in the ratings during the four seasons before a somewhat rejuvenated final season.