United States still 'not heard directly back' from N.Korea: Tillerson

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Officials in Seoul say Pyongyang is keeping them in the dark as well. If talks progress to the point of considering replacing the armistice that ended Korean War hostilities on July 27, 1953, with a peace treaty, as China is a party to that agreement, it could be invited to join.

It's not clear. Most presidential summits take place after months of behind-the-scenes talks and with agendas and/or breakthroughs largely agreed in advance.

Trump's no-nonsense method of talking about Kim, combined with stiff economic sanctions against North Korea, indeed may have prompted the dictator to rethink his arms buildup schedule. "The United States has nothing to lose by two leaders sitting down and talking about nuclear disarmament".

The North then grabbed the spotlight for several days at the Olympics by dispatching a made-for-the-cameras delegation of female cheerleaders, pop singers and even Kim's own younger sister, who managed to upstage a visit at the same time by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. It has also, from the USA point of view, repeatedly cheated on past nuclear deals. The talks - if they go ahead - would be unprecedented. "They're certainly close, if not already there".

Peterson, of Longview Global Advisors, notes that while the North Korean leader is "going to get a meeting with the President, if that meeting doesn't go well, what is he going to show his people or other people in his administration for failure?"

China has always supported inter-Korean rapprochement along with engagement between North Korea and the U.S., Xi said, reiterating Beijing's goals of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and resolving the matter through dialogue. "Are we then in a more risky situation?"

Amid suggestions the USA president is entering the potentially risky talks without properly considering the potential consequences, Pompeo said Trump understood the dangers.

"Kim Jong Un is also a very young leader, so many in their twenties are highly critical of him and see him as a overprivileged leader", Lee said. "But it is also a major gamble". What if they revert to missile or nuclear development?

North Korea's state media have lauded the thaw in relations with South Korea.

It was Chung who last Thursday night at the White House made the stunning announcement that Trump had agreed to meet with Kim on the "denuclearization" of the peninsula.

The Park Geun-Hye government in Seoul shut down the factory zone in February 2016 in response to North Korea's nuclear and missile tests. The North Koreans understand this lesson very well. Saddam Hussein gave up his nuclear weapons programme (involuntarily) after the first Gulf War in 1990-91, and 12 years later the United States invaded Iraq, overthrew Saddam, and hanged him. "It's another one of those moves out of left field".

Trump does not care if North Korea's president feels good about some political maneuver. CIA, he said has an important role to play in this and keep the president well informed.

"It could be the key that unlocks the door to 2020 (for Trump)", said Duerr.

"I think North Korea needs time to organize their position and is being careful and cautious in approaching regarding the summit", said Unification Ministry spokesman Baik Tae-hyn.

"We hope they will stick to those promises, and if so, the meeting will go on as planned", Sanders said. Pragmatically, the White House has stipulated few preconditions for the conversation, a decision that makes the as-yet unscheduled meeting more likely to be accomplished.