Trump takes breath as House panel finds no evidence of Russian collusion

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President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian Federation did not collude during the 2016 presidential election, the House Intelligence Committee's Republicans said in a draft assessment of Russia's alleged efforts to steer the USA poll.

Asked if his comments put him at odds with Conaway and other Republicans on the committee, Rooney said they did not.

Ultimately, Monday's announcement by intelligence committee Republicans set the stage for the partisan outcome that has long appeared in store for the committee's Russian Federation probe: a majority Republican report and a minority Democratic one that reach different conclusions.

A U.S. congressional panel on Monday said it found no evidence that U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign had colluded with Russian Federation, giving him a rare victory in a prolonged probe that saw some of his associates charged. "We found no evidence of any collusion of anything people were actually doing, other than taking a meeting they shouldn't have taken or just inadvertently being in the same building".

A draft of the roughly 150-page report will be delivered to committee Democrats for review Tuesday.

Instead of using its subpoena powers to fully unearth the truth surrounding the source of the investigation, Russia's interference in the elections, the Intelligence Committee sought to undermine its own investigation, Schiff said.

"We've found no evidence of collusion", Conaway told reporters Monday (Tuesday NZT).

While the Texas Republican said panel members agreed with conclusion of leading USA intelligence agencies that Russian Federation had interfered with the election - he added that they disagreed "with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump".

According to Nunes, nearly everyone in the Trump campaign had "testified under oath that they had no contacts with the Russians". Democratic members accused Republican colleagues of seeking to sabotage Mr Mueller's investigation, while Republicans charged Democrats with plotting to smear the president. When the New York Times broke news of the meeting last summer, Donald Trump Jr. released a statement claiming they "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children that was active and popular with American families years ago and was since ended by the Russian government".

The resulting four-page GOP memo argued that law enforcement inappropriately included opposition research funded by Democrats in an application for a surveillance warrant.

Conaway said he wanted to complete the report "as quickly as we can", but said the intelligence community would have to review it for declassification.

The committee's inquiry has been embroiled in partisan rancour.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee argued that their report will allow authorities to boost defenses against future outside meddling in USA elections, including the midterm election this November.

Republicans say they've looked at those same facts and see only "bad judgment" on the Trump campaign's part, but not any intent to work with the Russians.

"After more than a year, the committee has finished its Russian Federation investigation and will now work on completing our report", panel chair Devin Nunes said.

In any case, the three investigations and their various Democratic, Republican and nonpartisan members could hardly be more out of alignment.