Trudeau's team urges Trump's inner circle to scrap tariffs

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Without those things, friendships quickly wither and die. But Canada is also the biggest foreign buyer of American steel.

He recently wrote the piece "Five Reasons Mexican Workers Would Cheer the Demise of NAFTA" for In These Times magazine, which states: "Mexicans have plenty not to like about Donald Trump: his racism, his wall, his tirades against immigrants".

"We don't have all the details but we are going to continue to engage with USA officials and show them the benefits of the integrated North American aluminium supply chain", said Gagnon.

"There's many discussions on this going on in the United States right now".

The latest move by Trump, which has been rejected by Ottawa and Mexico City, has rattled financial markets and intensified uncertainty over the future of global trade under the current USA presidency.

The lobbying found a mostly receptive audience: the USA military strongly resisted tariffs against allies, and 107 congressional Republicans released a letter this week to express their alarm over the move. He calls us unfair.

Weekes said Canada should draw up a long list of possible targets for retaliation, and publish it for public comment in a bid to ramp up US concern about the pain of a trade war. "Lower corn prices mean lower gross incomes, and no matter how we cut our costs or tighten our belts the end result is a significantly lowered farm and family income".

"It's no accident that these duties were announced while NAFTA talks are underway".

"We should be excluded because the most integrated steel industry in the world is the North American steel industry", Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said at a later media briefing.

However, he said the deal has benefited the USA, which he said has about 9 million jobs that depend on free trade with Canada.

A spokesman says the prime minister is cutting short planned family time during the March break to undertake the tour, which is to begin March 12 in Alma, Que., home to one of Rio Tinto's seven aluminum smelters in the province.

Guajardo said there would be no concessions made in the Nafta negotiations to placate Trump on steel and aluminum, while Freeland said the two issues were separate.

"If you put a 10-per-cent tariff on aluminum, it's a cent and a half on a six pack of beer and it's $25,000 on a $330 million (Boeing 777)", Navarro said.

In one alleged example of haphazard policy-making, a report this week said the president raised the tariff rates for branding purposes, increasing them from the 24 and 7 per cent recommended by the Department of Commerce - because he wanted nice, round numbers.

As for us regular folks, we need to tell our USA friends and relatives at every opportunity that Trump's America is not our friend.

"We need a fundamental shift in how our workplaces function and how women feel protected and safe in those workplaces", he said.

But David didn't roll over.