Three Del City middle school students in custody following threat

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They were investigating an incident at Hiram High School where a student allegedly had threatening messages on their social media account pertaining to a shooting threat in Polk County the previous day.

Officials say a note was found by a student in the hallway stating someone was going to shoot students and set a fire later that day.

One of the students in that conversation claimed to "have a gun and 100 rounds of ammo" at their home.

The accused student's name was not provided by police.

"We felt it would be more appropriate for the students to hear from their parents", Elizondo said over the phone with the Argus.

"We appreciate the rapid response of Ontario Police Department as well those students who came forward to report the threat", reads the school release.

The school district drew nationwide social media attention after it barred high school students who participated in the walkout from re-entering the school grounds.

Each time a threat is reported, officers drop what they're doing, rush to the scene and have no choice but to leave other areas of the county unprotected, including other schools.

After the uproar over the decision, school officials reversed their decision and allowed students to ride the buses after all.

"Please know the safety of your children is of highest priority". According to Sgt. Daniel Mejia with Chandler PD, the suspect threatened to use explosives and firearms at the school.

Police detectives conducted interviews that lead to the arrest of that student. A student speech will be given and there will be other activities.

"We're here to protect them", Thomas said.

"If I could talk to the Florida students, I would say: Don't let us get away with it again", she told the AP. Sheriff deputies contacted the student offcampus.