The Defenders: there might not be a season 2

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The season starts off with Jessica (Krysten Ritter) still running Alias Investigations, but now New York City is aware of her super powers. One case that warrants her attention comes back to haunt her as Trish, a television personality, investigates a chunk of time missing from Jessica's hospital records.

The second season of Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on Thursday.

Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a place of aliens, mystical dimensions, and the Hulk, but the Netflix corner of that world is far closer to our own - right down to dismissing Marvel's The Avengers' Battle of NY as "The Incident". In the meantime, viewers can catch Jessica back on the silver screen tomorrow and Luke Cage this summer.

"She is a girl that is marked by trauma". The second, alas, grinds along so slowly as to significantly blunt its appeal, feeling less connected to its comic-book origins and more like an ABC drama where the protagonist occasionally puts her fist through a wall. In one scene, Jessica shows up a rival private eye by doing something he couldn't: finding his client's prize dog.

Later that night, Jessica drinks to "not missing you someday" and then has a few flashbacks to the day of the accident before waking up still at her desk in the morning. But you may not remember everything that happened with IGH and Dr. Koslov during the first season. She is not equipped with the "I'm a superhero and I'm going to save the world" attitude.

As disappointing as it is to know a second season isn't now in the works, it doesn't mean it would never happen.

"She's very close with Trish and that's kind of it", says Ritter. She's got her own problems, namely the fallout from the mess with her assistant with whom she was having an affair.

Nine times out of ten, a gumshoe blessed with super strength, the power of flight, a hair trigger temper and a stare icy enough to make glaciers look hospitable probably doesn't need protection.

Her rage is understandable and she wants nothing to do with people. Since Daredevil Season 2 overlaps with Luke Cage, Claire Temple's crossover arc suggests The Defenders takes place around two months after Luke Cage. His presence also challenges her propensity to be alienating and alienated. As mentioned earlier, Jessica's life-long friendship with Trish is one of the best elements of the first year and one which will get a larger focus in the new season. So while Malcolm stays behind to gently clean up the ashes of Jessica's brother, Jessica follows the trail to "Industrial Garments and Handling", the IGH that she'd been hunting down to fill the gaps in her own story.

In the midst of this, Trish continues to want to help Jessica, by bringing her deceased family's ashes.

But Trish is not the only person who matters to Jessica. They also assume that being strong on the outside means being strong on the inside. Well, at least when she will let him into the office. He loves Jess and jokes around with her. It's no coincidence that the second year of Marvel's superhero series, from creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, is arriving on International Women's Day, and when it lands, it will be with significant and relevant impact.

She's back and still a bit of a mess.

An emotionally broken Jessica sat in her apartment near the episode's end, as her rock bottom seemed to fall another notch. Even so, it took only 31 minutes before Jessica threw another man through a glass door.