The Cleveland Browns Have Plenty of Choices To Make in NFL Draft

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That's not even considering what the Browns could do if they trade the No. 1 pick. He fits the bill of veteran one-year placeholder for a rookie quarterback to learn under and replace during another lost season, whereas Kizer would have stacked young quarterbacks on top of each other.

Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater qualify as possibilities for the latter category, while Chase Daniel, Matt Moore, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh McCown would make sense as reasonable tutor targets. The Browns will send a fourth-round selection this year as well as a seventh-round pick in 2019. Still, it was a question being asked.

Dorsey understands that since the Browns can't point to anything tangible on the field from the last two years, they needed to generate buzz and create some momentum before the free agency period begins at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

The first big announcement was the Browns trade with the Miami Dolphins for recently franchised-tagged wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

Again, No. 65 has been a valuable pick.

Cleveland is $113 million under the salary cap and was expected to seek an impact receiver in free agency.

He is an adequate starter who comes at a relatively cheap cost.

With $89 million to spend, the Jets are in a prime spot to make a lucrative offer to free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, but that may not be enough. They also got Green Bay's fourth-round and fifth-round picks in the swap. This is a quarterback who started a playoff game for the Bills. Instead, the 22-year-old goes to Green Bay, where he will work on cutting down on interceptions and improving accuracy behind Aaron Rodgers.

In a vacuum, the Browns overpaid. I am angry at the fact that the Browns would not choose a quarterback in one of the best quarterback classes in the last 5 years. Landry is one of the most risky weapons out of the slot, an area of the field that may become a bit clogged in Cleveland. This is not exactly a destination. The addition of Taylor may add some fuel to that fire, but it wouldn't be smart for the Browns to let the move change their plans.

Overall, Penn State fans don't have to worry about arguably the most talented player in program history entering a disastrous scenario if he's picked No. 1 by Cleveland. The 6-foot-2, 335-pounder, who starred in college at Washington, started 45 of 46 games in three seasons with Cleveland and the team seemed pleased with his progress against the run. Cleveland finished last in scoring and went 0-16. They can win multiple games with Tyrod Taylor, they can take their time over developing a rookie quarterback, and they can focus on rounding out the defense. Coupled with the fact that they have nine picks in April's National Football League draft, including the top pick and the fourth pick, many in Cleveland are hopeful for the Browns season, just like you. The 10-time Pro Bowl left tackle is rehabbing from a triceps tear.

When an National Football League team goes 1-31 over the last two seasons and 0-16 in 2017, it isn't exactly going to have big-name free agents beating a bath to its door. He threw just 16 interceptions in his three seasons, which is fantastic compared to what Cleveland have had 54 in that timespan. Browns quarterbacks threw 14 combined in 2016 alone.