The Bachelor Season 22, Episode 10 Recap: The Starfish Vs. The Apple

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We kick off with the latter, and though Lauren doesn't have words to describe her love for Arie, she does wipe her tears away with an oversized sweater, which means she loves him. In the next room over, however, Arie is still expressing doubt to his siblings that his constant need to reassure Lauren can get in the way of potential great conversation. "Just thinking about the possibility of something with Lauren is making me want to risk it all". The family seemed to embrace her in spite of her natural concerns.

Why would Arie just up and leave his TV fiancee like that?! But why exactly do they think Lauren is pregnant?

Within weeks, though, Arie had changed his mind - and he told his fiance so as the cameras rolled in a house somewhere in the Los Angeles area - a spot where our Minnesota gal thought she was meeting her racing cutie for a rendezvous. "But sometimes when I'm doing these little getaways with Becca, what they would be like with Lauren".

Most were upset with Arie. He said he can't imagine saying goodbye to that.

"Does that not terrify him?" she wondered.

After the proposal, viewers got a glimpse into the shared life of Arie and Becca. As Luyendyk Jr. struggled through with his love for both of them, Becca confronted him on being in love with both women, which he didn't try to deny.

Once the season premiered on January 1 Arie reached out to Lauren.

ABC has confirmed that the 2018 Bachelorette will be introduced on The Bachelor After the Final Rose. But she finally clued in that the fairy tale was over when Arie began shaking his head. "I told Becca I would choose her every day and it kills me that I'm going back on that but I have to follow my heart". He said the thing that has always stood out with her is that he and she "are a team". "Because of that, my love for you is unmeasurable", he said.

Yes, Luyendyk may have proposed to one woman, only to end his engagement to pursue a relationship with another woman, but he's not the first Bachelor to do it (looking at you, Jason Mesnick). They kissed and Arie offered her the final rose before they waltzed around deliriously. And yes, Arie and Lauren are still together! And we'll learn whether or not Lauren took Arie back. He literally drug a camera crew to break up with her on television.

Becca was humiliated and upset though the two addressed it rather calmly.

"If this gets a thousand retweets I'll author a bill banning Arie from Minnesota, Rep".

"Throughout this process, I tried to make sure that I left myself open enough to fall in love-and then I fell in love with two people", he told InStyle.

But let's go back a bit.

So where are we now, going into tomorrow's After The Final Rose special?

The next thing we saw was Becca in the studio with Harrison, getting such hearty cheers from the audience that Harrison had to pause before he could continue the show. "I was sad, I stayed in LA for a few days, and cried for probably four days straight". I really do think he made a mistake. I am angry at times.

"I feel an vast amount of guilt".

The season finale of The Bachelor airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.