Teacher charged for firing gun inside Georgia high school

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Police say Davidson locked himself in his classroom and when the Principal tried to confront him, he slammed the door.

The professor, identified as Jesse Randal Davidson, would have pointed away from any person, and the police have not yet determined the reasons for his behavior that led to the immediate evacuation of the institution.

The US police apprehended the teacher soon after the incident. He was then taken to a hospital via EMS, an incident report revealed.

School officials say they can't talk about mental health issues of specific staff members. He was again brought to the hospital and treated.

After that shooting, both the National Rifle Association and President Trump have suggested that arming teachers could discourage would-be shooters from entering schools.

'At first, I was thinking that that might have been a good idea. "I dare you to tell me arming teachers will make us safe", student Chondi Chastain wrote in a tweet quickly shared thousands of times.

"She and her friends said he was nice guy, fun teacher".

The police have taken the teacher into custody. However, at least one student suffered an ankle injury while trying to exit the building.

The jail records do not indicate whether he has an attorney. The bullet did not hurt anyone, and the area surrounding the shooter's classroom was evacuated.

"Our job would not have almost been as easy to execute today if it weren't for how well they did in doing their lockdown drill", Cason said. Davidson has authored two books on the history of Dalton High football.

An armed high school teacher in Georgia, US barricaded himself alone inside his classroom on Wednesday and fired a gunshot when the principal tried to force open the door, but no one was seriously injured, police said after the instructor was arrested. When the principal came to attempt to unlock the door, that's when a shot was sacked. He is now being held at the Whitfield County Jail, police said.

Three teachers were among the 17 people killed in the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Police say the note was found February 21, and mentioned a threat against the school the following day.

About 3000 students, many carrying white flowers, wove through hundreds of uniformed police officers to get to class. They had lived in Chattanooga, about 30 miles northwest of Dalton. He claimed to have ended the affair and said he told his wife about the romance, USA Today reported.

WRCB reports that no students were inside the classroom at the time.

Police did not say what type of firearm was used but confirmed it was a handgun.

Students were allowed to return to Dalton High School Thursday morning to pick up their personal belongings, with classes set to resume Friday. Police did not release any explanation for what happened.