Taylor Swift Has Released A Fancy Music Video For Her Track 'Delicate'

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Last year, Swift also talked about "Delicate" and said that it is about a woman stressing over her new crush. Because she's ONLY HUMAN, GUYZ.

She then unveiled the music video, in which Taylor - wrapped in an elegant blue-tasseled gown - sheds her stardom to become invisible to everyone. For most of the video, she's either being flanked by bodyguards, alone or being ignored.

Swift, desiring an escape from the craze of fame, suddenly becomes invisible and dances around carefree - and barefoot - in the almost four-minute video. Suddenly, a group of women walks in, and Swift stops, startled. She spots someone in the back and smiles.

"Taylor Swift getting on the subway with no shoes on would never happen in NYC that girl would get so many diseases", another wrote. Some fans on social media have been pointing out that she is "dancing in a storm in her best dress", which alludes to the lyrics in one of her earlier hits, "Fearless".

There are of course stylistic differences between the two clips: the Kenzo advert doesn't see Qualley leaving the building, for instance, while Swift later continues her song-and-dance on both a subway auto and a rain-soaked street. Boasting bold colors and some intricately choreographed dance routines, it is one of Tay's strongest visuals this era.

In the final scene, soaked from the rain, she arrives at a grungy bar, holding the piece of paper. She can be herself and explore what a life without fame feels like. You can see the new video below here. Thus, the dance party.

While she couldn't make it to the show, she recorded a sweet thank you message for her Swifties.