Patty Jenkins officially welcomes Kristen Wiig to 'Wonder Woman 2'

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"So excited to confirm the most thrilling news. It's true!" she said. "This is going to be WONDERful!" she wrote.

The classic versions of Cheetah (Priscilla Rich and Deborah Domaine) were simple villains in spandex costumes with cat-theme weaponry, who either had split personality disorder or brainwashing that made them socialites by day, and insane criminals by night.

Cheetah has been a major foe of Wonder Woman since first appearing in Wonder Woman #6 in October 1943. The comics features four different versions of the villainess: Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva and Sebastian Ballesteros.

The first Wonder Woman movie was released in June 2017. She also popped up in Judd Apatow's romantic comedy Knocked Up (2007) as a not-so-polite TV executive, opposite Katherine Heigl. In the movie, Wiig will reportedly play Barbara Ann Minerva, a British anthropologist, who turns into a cheetah god in a freakish accident. She's a literal cat woman, with cheetah-like spots, claws and feline agility. Not to mention, she did give us the best film that the DC Extended Universe has put out there.

The movie's sequel will reportedly take place during the Cold War, so Cheetah is sure to be one interesting character.

Wiig, who gave a chilling turn in "mother!" past year, had reportedly been in talks for the role since last month. To add to the female creative team, this morning it was officially announced that Kristen Wiig would be joining the sequel's cast. Since we've already seen that Diana spends her spare time working in museums, introducing Ms. Minerva should be a pretty easy fit.