One-time star 'American Idol' tries for a second act on ABC

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Leading that charge is a new judging panel that, at least in the first two hours, is less interested in critique than it is in a rapid education. Let's take a look at the auditions showcased on the first night of Idol's return.

Through this emphasis on the silly antics around the auditions (rather than powerful vocal auditions themselves), the pacing, the all-too-familiar structure and the lighthearted judge dynamic, Sunday's premiere feels far too much like a typical "TV show". The chemistry between the new trio was fine. Ripa eventually realized. While the judges had lighthearted fun with Ripa's audition, they said they'd treat the contestants differently during the audition process. It will be interesting to see if American Idol can regain the stature it once had in its early years.

Later in the evening, ABC wisely used "Idol" as a springboard for its new drama "Deception", a high-concept curiosity about a disgraced magician who uses his powers to solve cases for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

There, they will face another round of auditions and eliminations. And they're too young to even be in this spot, but they're so talented.

Yet, this is a man who is a real comeback story! He had a really delicate voice and already exhibited strong storytelling instincts.

Unlike The Bachelor, which has struggled to find nonwhite people to participate, American Idol has always had a balance of racial and gender diversity. Either way, American Idol should do a better job of finding that person.

But it isn't just the judges who are winning fans over, it's the unparalleled talent that is walking through those famed audition doors, hoping for a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Though the singing competition helped ABC to win the night in viewers (8.2 million) and in the key 18-49 demographic (1.7 rating), Idol saw its lowest-rated season premiere ever, falling 23 percent from its prior season premiere (3.0 in January of 2016) on Fox.

American Idol was built on Simon Cowell and his brutally honest reviews of contestants' performances. Still, though, the judges were impressed. Everyone's special, so no one is special. All of the judges love her voice so they vote her through and she has an entire clan waiting for her! However, there really should be some changes moving forward on season 16.

For all their charm and chemistry, the judges also need to demonstrate more authority and urgency. He leaned over for a quick peck on her cheek but Katy turned her head and landed a kiss on the lips instead. "You get to pick people, and you get to try to root them all the way to the top". "She pretty much lives it".

Maddie Poppe, 19, Clarksville, Iowa sings with "The Rainbow Connection", and she has a great voice.

Katy needs to pick a lane.

The problem is the same one that plagued the last several seasons of FOX's "American Idol". "Everyone was crying. I was crying and then Luke Bryan came out, and he shakes my mom and dad's hand and says, 'You birthed a attractive mind, ' and all of that stuff". Katy should be a bit meaner.

"We wanted judges with credibility, who knew what they were talking about, were huge successes in their own right, who were articulate and who generally cared about the contestants", executive producer Trish Kinane told reporters in January.

"This town of 62,000 has no more ego than you'd expect from a place that sits in Little Rock's stubby shadow".