NY Assembly passes anti-gun violence legislation

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"And so, we are here on literally what's supposed to be a gun violence bill, and we're just adding more guns to the mix". "I am not that naive".

"This was a key exchange that occurred here today, and things will start coming together more rapidly", Galvano said. And it creates a commission to make recommendations on school safety.

The only two Republican senators who did consistently vote with the Democrats on Saturday were Anitere Flores and René García, representing neighboring Miami-Dade County. She represents the district where the high school is located.

"There are 17 families who had a tragic loss", said Fred Guttenberg, the father of shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg, as he held his daughter's photo. "That is not going to solve it and I think that it's hard for us to stand here and not be angry", said Hobson. "No I don't", Book said. "Not a single expert says that was a good idea", Schachter said.

Because the House took the Senate bill and did not amend it, if it passes, it goes to Gov. Rick Scott for signature.

Democrats said the measures were not sufficient. "His position has not changed".

The amendment sponsor, state Sen. They began with high hopes they might be able to wield some influence over gun safety legislation.

The wind symphony band from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School says it's helping them heal. The bill also bans bump stocks and provides more than $400 million in funding for school resource officers and mental health.

In the wake of the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida, state lawmakers are struggling to reach a consensus on new regulations to protect schools.

A Florida Quinnipiac poll released last week showed that 62% of Florida residents support a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons and a nationwide ban on the sale of high-capacity magazines.

The Senate president, Joe Negron, also a Republican, suggested a possible compromise on Friday, arming noninstructional school personnel rather than teachers. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg. I hear and want action for what the children are saying!

The man charged with their deaths, Nikolas Cruz, was 19 and therefore not breaking the law when he bought the semiautomatic AR-15 assault rifle he allegedly later used to kill them. He killed 17 students and teachers.

The House has a similar version of the marshall program in its school safety legislation. They traveled by the busload to Tallahassee, meeting with lawmakers, chanting in hallways and protesting on the steps of the State Capitol in favor of stricter gun laws.

The exclusion was adopted by voice vote as part of a package of legislation the Senate passed a short time later, 20-18, to raise the minimum legal age for buying all guns in Florida to 21 and impose a three-day waiting period for any gun purchase.

But the most focus regarding the shooting and its aftermath came in the Florida Legislature during a rare weekend session that often turned into a debate on gun control and arming teachers.