Move projects forward from one place-Hangouts Chat now available

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With a revamp of its messaging strategy courtesy Hangouts Chat, Google is entering the business communication arena and aims to give businesses easier and better ways to manage projects.

Hangouts Chat lets co-workers, or any group of people, message each other in dedicated chat rooms.

Google shares ended lower Wednesday, as the tech giant announced a general roll out of its expanded Hangouts Chat for businesses.

Hangouts Chat sits in Google's G Suite, a workplace software package that includes email and word-processing tools, for which more than 4 million businesses globally pay as much as $25 per user each month.

Google delivers the integration primarily in the form of virtual assistants. It will also offer support for a handful of bots to help teams with productivity, organization, and even things such as mindfulness and meditation.

Google plans to expand upon the service's scheduling features with an upcoming meeting management tool that is reportedly set to incorporate artificial intelligence. According to The Verge, it will suggest meeting times based on the location of attendees and when they're free.

Google Hangouts Chat now supports 28 languages and each room can support up to 8,000 members. One of the key features of the new crop of collaboration tools is the ability to hook into other applications. But, Meet was made available to public and Chat went into an invite-only preview.

Like Slack, Hangouts Chat is built for intra-company communication. It is available as an app for the iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. So if you're a G Suite user, you should expect to expect to see the app roll out in the next few days.

Google's cloud and G-Suite services make a significant contribution to Google's income and the expansion of what it can offer should help further bolster that revenue.

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