Microsoft is selling the Samsung Galaxy S9 Android phone

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Display, design and camera are the USPs of the phone and Samsung takes the competetion to the new level in all of these departments.

Galaxy S9 Review: The Best Smartphone? Compared to the iPhone 8, the Galaxy S9 is a solid choice, with a better display - it largely comes down to platform preference for which of these two you'd choose.

It's a tantalising prospect but we're going to have to wait and see whether Samsung's engineers can get the technology perfected in time.

Samsung Galaxy On Max has received the price cut of Rs 2000. Buyers can also avail instant cashback of Rs. 2,200 from Reliance Jio as part of their Jio Football offer.

Beyond its codename, we don't know much about what Samsung's next big-screened flagship has in store.

Designer Martin Hajek has posted a series of images to visualize what the Galaxy S9 would look like had Samsung given it a notched display.

The device industry - and the component industries that supply it - desperately need a breakthrough, like foldable displays, or week-long battery life, to renew demand in what has become a commodity business.

Here's a photo that's shot on the Galaxy S8. Manufacturers are spending more and more for less and less gain.

Samsung's earlier phones: S8, S8+ and Note 8Actually, still good enough. On the Galaxy S9, just tap the recent apps button and press the multi-window symbol in the app's title bar to start a split screen mode.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched past year and has been the premium phone of Samsung.

So don't expect to ditch the physical fingerprint scanner anytime soon.

Top industry experts say that pre-orders for the new phone are down compared to previous year - with one saying sales have fallen by half. In fact, video recording and editing is the V30's marquee feature as LG has included some cool, advanced video grading and editing options. The software is the only thing that makes them stand apart.

We've praised Apple's iPhone performance in the past, as older iPhones would consistently outperform brand new Snapdragon and Exynos-powered Galaxy phones in similar tests.