Metro Detroit school officials concerned about safety during student walkout

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"If this is the new normal, I'm going to need about two more investigators just to do this", said John Hall, a chief deputy for the Lee County Sheriff's Department in Mississippi. The students "have a lot of very important and worthwhile things to say".

You shouldn't have to prepare yourself for that kind of reality. This comes a mere five months after our nation experienced the worst mass shooting in USA history in Las Vegas, which took the lives of 58 people and injured 527 others.

2018 has had an unusually violent start.

A crowd of one hundred plus filled the Jonathan Dayton High School's Media Center (IMC) Monday night for the Board of Education meeting. So, it is an appropriate time for administrators and security officials at all schools in the region take time to examine their own schools' safety fortifications and procedures.

Police arrested the student at the high school about 11 a.m. Tuesday.

This time, rather than quickly dissipating, the political discussions surrounding the reformation of United States gun policy seem to be gathering steam. "Do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says no homework?" There is an initial outpouring of sympathy from both political leaders and the general public, a push for stricter gun control from the left, resistance from the right, and finally silence as the nation moves on with day to day life.

Is This the Solution to a Deadly Problem?

"He's been clear - he doesn't think teachers should be armed".

The Senate voted 20-18 Monday for the bill that's a response to the February 14 school shootings in Parkland that left 17 people dead. How well prepared are teachers and students today, and what has changed as far as best practices and strategies?

On Tuesday, Florida lawmakers passed a bill that would enable certain school employees to carry weapons inside schools.

Few, if any, senators were completely happy with the legislation.

A kid too young buy a handgun should be too young to buy an #AR15.
I think teachers having guns would make me scared in the classroom. The access to weapons increases.

"We, the students of the St. Croix, have decided that this moment is too crucial and this issue too urgent to stand idly by", said Julian Bishop, a senior student at Good Hope Country Day, who along SPAN and Women's March Youth EMPOYER, is leading the effort. She failed to note that the family of Eugene Stoner, ArmaLite's one-time chief engineer and the brains behind the AR-15, insisted in 2016 that he would be "horrified and sickened" to see his military rifle pattern become so common in civilian households and school shootings.

There needs to be some changes. We talk about where the safest spot to hide in a classroom is, and we joke about using objects like water bottles as weapons. Simply put, the people elected into office, who have sworn oaths to do right by this country, are putting the funding of their reelection campaigns over the lives of American students and American citizens.

We have you covered! They signed up to teach us.

Could This New Device Be the Answer?

Amendments flew by faster than NASCAR's at Daytona, the first of which would have stripped language from that bill that would create a program to arm some teachers and school employees who have undergone law enforcement training. And not just future shootings, but other terrorist attacks as well.

"It's easy for (schools) to have a knee-jerk reaction like evacuations", Trump said.