Late Night Tried to Make Sense of Sam Nunberg's Wild Proclamations

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Hours after Sam Nunberg, former aide to President Donald Trump said he would risk jail term by not complying with a subpoena served him by special counsel Robert Mueller; the politician has retracted his comments.

A Lebanese-American executive who advises the United Arab Emirates is cooperating with Russian Federation special counsel Robert Mueller on whether foreign dollars were funneled to President Donald Trump's campaign, The New York Times reported Tuesday. "I remember telling him that if Franklin Roosevelt could work with Josef Stalin to defeat Nazi fascism, then certainly Donald Trump could work with Vladimir Putin to defeat Islamic fascism". "I'm probably going to comply".

In erratic statements for MSNBC and CNN, Nunberg both defended and derided Trump - a man who has hired and fired Nunberg three times.

He added that he would comply with all aspects of the subpoena, including appearing before a grand jury. "As we've said many times before there was no collusion with the Trump campaign".

"I think they may".

"I'm working on organizing it", he said. "It's either "Password123" or 'Nunberg69.' One of the two".

"Look, I'll tell it to you this way: everything I have to go through now - I'm smart enough not to involve alcohol", he said. "Why do I have to produce every email? I was having a rough day".

"Sometimes life and special prosecutors are not fair", Tapper quipped.

Nunberg said he thinks Mueller may already have incriminating evidence on Trump directly, although he would not say what that evidence might be. She said the subpoena was "reasonable" and that Nunberg would do "more service" by testifying than by refusing, because a refusal carried an appearance of wrongdoing.

Colbert went on to quip about the extent of Nunberg's tirade.

The host also showed footage of Nunberg saying the Russian Federation investigation was caused by Donald Trump "because he's an idiot", and then showed a statement Nunberg made to the Washington Post that read, "Donald Trump won this election on his own".

"But I don't know that, for sure", he said. The Washington Post reported he was rehired by Trump as a communications adviser in February 2015, and CNN reported he was sacked from the Trump campaign on August 2, 2015, after racist posts allegedly from his Facebook account surfaced. Such a concession by Moscow would have been likely to require the easing of US sanctions on Russian Federation, which were imposed for Russia's intervention in Ukraine in 2014, those officials said. Page stridently denies doing anything wrong.

Meanwhile, he insisted he was not drunk during Monday's mainstream media marathon, during which he blasted President Trump and his aides.

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah had some fun at the expense of former Trump aid Sam Nunberg for his weird media blitz earlier this week.

Nunberg's series of interviews Monday raised concerns among some of his friends and acquaintances who described the salvo as a very public meltdown.

The networks scrambled to book Nunberg following that bombshell declaration, allowing him to call in remotely and ramble for large blocks of time in which he contradicted himself, insulted various former colleagues and White House officials, asked two anchors for legal advice and called Mueller a "moron".

Indeed, Nunberg did little to suggest Monday that this wasn't some Stone-orchestrated scene. As the Times reports, Nader "represented" bin Zayed Al-Nahyan during a meeting in the Seychelles shortly before Trump's inauguration.

Burnett: So I, I just-because it is the talk out there-again, I know it's awkward-let me give you the question so you can categorically answer it: Have you had a drink today? The following year, Trump began arbitration proceedings against his former aide, seeking $10 million for Nunberg's alleged breach of a confidentiality agreement.