Kylie Jenner spills secrets of her pregnancy and life with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner was "surprised" to have a baby girl because she was convinced she was having a boy.

On March 11, Jenner shared a photo of her baby girl being cuddled by her great grandmother (and Kylie's grandma) MJ Houghton. My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world. The Kylie Cosmetics creator did not confirm she was going to be a mom until after Stormi was born. Check out the pic below!

She had her baby on February 1st and since then people are convinced the baby is Tyga's.

Also in her interview the makeup mogul confessed that she loved indulging in Eggo waffles, In N Out and donuts when she was with child.

Jenner also reassured a fan who was anxious about the thought of giving birth.

While Jenner said she couldn't indulge in her favorite delicacy of Sushi, she replaced it with another craving she admitted she couldn't resist.

Speaking to E! News, Kris has revealed how she was sworn to secrecy.

KYLIE JENNER SEEMED to have a bit of free time this morning, as she took to Twitter to have a chat with her fans.

As we all know, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott enjoyed a romantic getaway in Miami and were all over each other during the holiday. "You can call them inclusivity riders, whatever you want to call holding companies and governments accountable to get to true gender equity". We're kind of extremely jealous at how incredible she looks just one month down the line?! There were rumors that she hid away while pregnant because she was anxious about how she looked. Overall, though, Kylie said she had a pretty positive experience while pregnant. "But for now, she'll make do with the vehicle and hope things will change", they said. "We were made for this". And her "little toes" are particularly precious.