Jon Favreau To Write and Executive Produce Star Wars TV Series

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In one of Gibbs' tweets, the writer says that she hoped "Favreau hires inclusively".

Disney's streaming service will launch in 2019. This new platform is expected to feature content from Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar, including Favreau's new Star Wars series.

Favreau has a history with Star Wars. He's slated to direct The Jungle Book 2 and has been working on a live-action take on The Lion King.

Favreau is now working on a live-action remake of The Lion King, due next year. Even so, anyone who has watched Star Wars Rebels, which just wrapped up an excellent four-season run, knows that Star Wars storytelling on the small screen can be truly excellent. Lucasfilm and Marvel are both under the Disney umbrella. It's possible we won't see anything until the year 2020 once Episode IX releases in late 2019. Add this upcoming TV series to the mix, as well. Some are simply meant to provide lighthearted Star Wars-themed entertainment to young kids, whereas others pride themselves on intense action and complex storytelling. Yes, but the studio doesn't care because it's a license to print money. The "Spider Man: Homecoming" actor is also set to make an appearance in "Solo: A Star Wars Story", which will hit USA theaters on May 25.

Does anything else compare?

Favreau will become the 12th white man to lead a Star Wars project, according to Huffington Post.

On the movie side, there's a planned "3 Men and a Baby" remake of the classic 1980s franchise and a live-action remake of Disney animated classic "Sword and the Stone". Is that really a fair comparison?

What's your reaction to the news of Jon Favreau helming a live-action Star Wars series? Yet the audience keeps growing. The show will exist on, and likely be a key staple to, Disney's "new direct-to-consumer platform".

We don't know much about this TV series beyond Favreau's role and the time frame.