Jarvis Landry Traded from Dolphins to Browns for 2 Draft Picks

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Taylor or a first-round QB would be working with Barkley and Duke Johnson in the backfield and a group of receivers that includes Landry, Gordon, Corey Coleman and tight end David Njoku.

The general manager has stated that he is open to trading up.

His overall role should remain similar moving forward. The Bills now have six picks in the first three rounds of the draft - Nos. Getting Taylor gives them a vet who can still make plays while letting the rookie sit. Taylor's presence will allow the rookie quarterback to learn by watching from the sideline.

NFL Network reported both sides are open to Sherman returning under a new contract if he can not find the right deal in free agency. They're armed with $114 million in salary-cap space, according to NFL Players Association records, but if they can't settle on a new contract with Landry, he'll play next season under the tag.

Taylor's departure leaves the Bills with a significant hole at the position with Nathan Peterman - a fifth-round draft pick past year - the only quarterback left on their roster. And for some reason, the Bills just do not like him.

The Bills were preparing to release Taylor a year ago, before he agreed to restructure his contract by reducing it from a five-year to a two-year term. Making a blockbuster free-agent signing at quarterback remains highly unlikely. The stockpile of picks gives Buffalo all the ammunition they would need to trade up in the draft to selected a QB, if they choose to do so.

Certainly complicating matters for the Colts is that the New York Giants, who were once rumored to be heavily seeking to select the successor to Eli Manning atop the draft, now appear to be sticking with the veteran quarterback for the immediate future-meaning after the Browns, the Giants could take whoever's simply left over between Barkley or Chubb.

Do the Browns pass on a possible franchise type of QB in Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen for the likes of Mayfield?

We're talking about a first-round quarterback in this year's draft, and there are five good options for the Browns to choose from. If he starts the opener, he will be the 29th starting quarterback for the Browns since 1999.

AJ McCarron, of the Cincinnati Bengals, could be a short-term answer. It just is. So instead of going through the free agency process for a QB, WR, and CB, where you pitch yourselves, then wait for a response, Dorsey and company made a decision to use the team's stockpile of draft picks to bring in young, talented players. He has ranked top three in broken tackles among wide receivers in each of the past three seasons, notching 67 over that time and 76 for his four-year career.

Bills fans get ready, this offseason has just begun.

Credit Beane, who was hired in May, for thinking big and not simply taking the safe route by retaining Taylor.