If Jets lose out on Cousins, they will turn to Bridgewater

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If Cousins gets fully guaranteed money then every franchise QB will start demanding it.

It's safe to assume the Vikings will keep him in town and get a deal done.

It's not as much as what the Jets were willing to offer Cousins.

Cousins inherits a roster built around the league's top-ranked defense and a plethora of weapons on offense. If nothing else, Keenum provides another reason to expect offensive fireworks in the AFC West. If he views Keenum as the starter long-term, Elway would be in a strong position to trade out of the number five pick.

They still only have one quarterback. If Bradford could stay healthy I do believe that they'd have kept him this off-season.

Teicher: No. They still have ground to cover.

ProFootballTalk reported Keenum is expected to receive $18-20million a year from Denver. Sure, you could say that the fact the Broncos took Keenum as the first QB move in free agency could or does mean that he's clearly highly coveted, but that's something that ignores the reality surrounding how he ended up there.

Cousins entered the free agent market this offseason as one of the top quarterbacks available.

Gutierrez: Hmmm, is this a trick question? The quarterback led the Redskins to the postseason in the 2015 season, but he has no career playoff wins. Cousins, meanwhile, is 26-30-1.

Cook ran for 354 yards on 74 carries (4.8 yards per attempt) with a pair of rushing touchdowns in three-plus games for Minnesota in his rookie season. He had a career year last season with 3,547 passing yards, 22 TDs and a 67.6 completion rate in 2017. For their draft flexibility, yes.

Josh McCown, who played 13 games for the Jets last season, is next on the list.

Keenum, 30, joined the Houston Texans following the 2012 National Football League draft as an undrafted free agent.

I expected at this late date to write about just Cousins and the latest on the numerous theories as to where he'll be playing in the fall, but there's an unresolved situation which gives me pause, and albeit flickering hope at the same time. It would be a disastrous turn of events if they lost out on both Keenum and Cousins, the apple of their eye.

Outside of the Vikings, there are quite a few teams that could use a player like Williams.