Huntington High School students host forum on mass shootings

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Retired police officers passed out flowers.

Numerous school's districts who plan to hold activities had students express they do not want to take part in the walkout or activities.

Students arrived to quite a scene at the school Wednesday morning, as hundreds of supporters lined the sidewalk, holding signs and sharing hugs with students and parents as they walked onto campus. He disguised himself among a crowd of fleeing students and managed to get off campus to go to McDonald's afterwards before he was arrested.

To God he pleaded: "I want you to protect us".

Two women handed out free water and fruit for breakfast.

The students will mark their return by heading to their fourth period classes, the same classes they were in when the gunfire started two weeks ago. The building where the shooting happened, the Freshman Building, was sealed off and no students will be allowed inside.

"This current student body at Stoneman Douglas as a lot of people are saying, as my teachers are saying-it's really easy to see if you've been watching the news-they're noting that this student body is not just sitting back and. lamenting about the event", Ben said.

"Oh, wow, there are a lot of police", she said as she pulled up to the entrance. He lost his 18-year-old daughter, Meadow.

It was just a half-day of school at Stoneman Douglas on Wednesday, letting students ease their way back into the classroom. "It was bad but if you let it stop's not how you go down, it's how you get back up".

Thursday's gesture comes as students across Florida, New Hampshire and the rest of the country are planning multiple large-scale walkouts to call for stricter gun laws and background checks in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Family friend Rocxanne Deschamps seeks to become administrator of the estate for 19-year-old Cruz and his younger brother, Zachary.

Eventually, Cruz stopped shooting and abandoned his gun to flee the school.

When students returned to class, they were allowed to take whatever grade they had at the time of the shooting, accept a pass-fall mark or complete their courses in another semester.

Nearly overnight, they organized marches for March 24 in Washington and around the country and turned up at televised debates with senators and on national TV.

Angelyse Perez, a senior, said returning offers a chance for everyone to "get through this and be together". We are asking the government to implement more sensible gun laws.

Rosenzweig said the large police presence was "comforting", adding, "but we would like to move on with our normal lives".

Republican lawmakers, with majorities in the United States and Florida legislatures, have been cool on bringing in major reforms on the sales of firearms.

He suggested a list of legal measures including a ban on assault-style weapons, raising the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21 and a database of those banned from owning guns. Stack says the system that's in place won't stop sales to risky people and said lawmakers must do something. He has also proposed training and arming teachers, a suggestion that has been largely rejected by educators.

Rochester School Department Superintendent Mike Hopkins said he was grateful Houston and Richardson could have the opportunity to express Rochester's support for Parkland face to face.