Guns: Let's see proof of militia membership

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But don't jump to any conclusions about which rights. I'm exhausted of this racist bigotry from the left. Attached to his email was a document titled "A Modest Proposal".

How dare Second Amendment advocates expect that those passionately arguing to limit their constitutional rights have some rudimentary knowledge of the devices they want to ban?

The 2 Amendment regarding guns and the 1 Amendment regarding rights to free speech have always been correlated for me. When you claim that we need to ban "gas-assisted receiver firearms", you're trying to make a semi-automatic weapon sound like a machine gun for a reason. This makes no sense and can be ended immediately by enacting the "No More Atrocities with Guns Act".

Did the Columbine shooters belong to "a well regulated militia"? Due process of the law is one of the most paramount protections of our liberty, and any politician who threatens to infringe on it must be held accountable.

Why not handle it like we do cars? It should not be more hard to rent a auto or buy cigarettes or alcohol than it is to buy an assault rifle. And it had to do with extreme negligence on the part of James and Kimberly Snead, the couple who took in Cruz and let the young man bring high-powered weapons into their home.

This is also a political question. How do we reconcile the Second Amendment, which gives Americans the right to bear arms, with the right not to be randomly shot by a gun-toting lunatic? With this in mind, in the midst of sorrow and devastation, the calls to ban certain guns can seem appealing or commonsensical to some. This is how Stephen Paddock killed almost 60 people in Las Vegas last October.

That seems like a no-brainer, right?

I am not calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

Look what they did in Florida, hung back and did nothing.

But Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly killed such legislation this year. Safety should be the responsibility of those trained to do so, such as the police. As a nation, we have experienced so many of these mass murders, in churches and theatres, at concerts and nightclubs, that the "thoughts and prayers" we all offer start to lose their meaning.

The Second Amendment: what it is and is not. Guns and ammo already are subject to state sales taxes.

We are fortunate that an expert in how the U.S. Constitution was written is in the UW-Madison history department.

When one argues that AR-15 and other semi- automatic rifles have no other objective than to kill people and therefore should be banned, they are saying the Second Amendment needs to be abolished. Is it any wonder that murderers can afford to stockpile hundreds of rounds of ammunition?

Growing up during my adolescent years in Orange County (at least until I got thrown out of high school after my freshman year), it was a very different place from now. I explained why I was there and showed him the lunch bag. We need a multifaceted solution that addresses all of the issues that the Parkland students are now so eloquently articulating as a result of witnessing the horrific shooting and losing classmates and teachers to gun violence. But first I had to take the NRA gun safety course to demonstrate that I would be "gun safe" and prove it with an NRA certificate. Those with severe mental illness should not be allowed to have access to firearms.

To a large extent, LaPierre was spewing bull excrement. If nothing else, that will help expose his perfidy.

As a Republican, I'm concerned with my party's fixation on the slippery slope argument against any change in gun laws.

Does gun ownership stem from a right to "revolution"? Those certificates would have to be notarized and renewed annually.

California, perhaps one of the most liberal states in the country, proposed ten gun control measures at the end of last month, according to the Associated Press. And now they're stuck in a vortex of their own making: The more their resistance, the worse the carnage, the more ludicrous their response. He kind of liked the idea. I call this selective stupidity. That's the point. And that's why the NRA would oppose it. And it is when the talk turns to guns that the absurdity really kicks into overdrive.

The senator also on Thursday called for a continued fight on healthcare reform, complaining that so far, Republicans have "done nothing except sabotage the only system that we now have".