GOP Candidate Struggling In Trump Country, So He'll Get A Presidential Boost

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This time it was in Pennsylvania at a rally in support of Republican Rick Saccone, who is facing Democrat Conor Lamb in a special congressional election slated for Tuesday. The stakes for Tuesday's special election couldn't be higher for the Republican Party.

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court recently redrew the district map after determining that the system now in place "clearly, plainly and palpably" violated the commonwealth's Constitution. "If a strong pro-Trump district like this goes the other way, it would send a bad signal around the country in districts far more competitive than this one".

"The Republicans are 5-0 in recent Congressional races, a point which the Fake News Media continuously fails to mention", Trump wrote on Twitter.

President Donald Trump gave a raucous, freewheeling speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday, in which he lashed out at some of his favorite targets, one by one. "Probably you'll have some people who say 'Oh that's not nice", Trump continued.

Trump said Peña Nieto asked him on the call to affirm Mexico's position that it would not pay for the wall.

Some argue executing drug dealers could have a raft of unintended consequences, such as deterring people from calling police when they know someone is overdosing. "We are doing things that are fantastic", Trump told his supporters at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

"I've already said on the front page of the newspaper that I don't support Nancy Pelosi", Lamb says in the ad. "It's all coming back", Mr Trump told several thousand cheering supporters. But, for the most part, the speech was a vehicle for Trump to talk about Trump. "He doesn't care about us", Trump said. "If I came like a stiff, you guys wouldn't be here tonight".

The president said his re-election slogan would be "Keep America Great!", riffing off his 2016 motto, "Make America Great Again". "They're not sending missiles up and I believe that, I believe that, I really do", Trump said.

The import duties on foreign metals, Trump explained, "are my baby". "President, do you have a job problem?'" Trump told the Pennsylvania crowd. During the rally, Trump floated the idea of giving the death penalty to drug dealers, among other ideas. "But that's OK. Because that's what we do, we handle things".

He also threatened to impose taxes on German automakers Mercedes-Benz and BMW after the European Union threatened to appeal the Trump administration's steel and aluminium tariffs at the World Trade Organisation.

The potential policy is being studied by the Department of Justice and the White House Domestic Policy Council.

He also took credit for a congressional special election win by Republican Karen Handel in a suburban district where Trump was deliberately kept away for fear of alienating moderate Republican voters.

'Then you wonder why we have a problem, and that's why we have a problem. "And I would think it's certainly helpful that he's coming up this weekend". "And they don't even put you in jail", Trump said.

Trump boasted of his appeal to female voters, falsely claiming that he had received 52 per cent of women's votes in 2016.

In the aftermath of the shock announcement that Trump would meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, he touched upon his relationship with the man he once publicly derided as "little Rocket Man".