Gary Oldman dents his Oscar minutes after collecting it

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Despite British acting legend Gary Oldman winning an Oscar (his first, no less) for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour, the Good Morning Britain host couldn't resist taking a swipe at him.

Oldman also said his involvement with the film was "contingent on getting Kazuhiro because for me he was really the only person on the planet who could have pulled it off, and I think he delivered". According to Gulliver, however, the incident "did not happen". A high profile criminal case against the NBA star was eventually dropped after the alleged victim opted not to testify in court following months of harassment and multiple death threats from basketball fans.

She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Of course, everyone wants the story that I'm sour-faced about it". While E! has investigated and found "insufficient evidence to support the claims", it was disappointing to see celebrities like Taraji P Henson, Tiffany Haddish and Allison Janney talk to the TV personality as if the recent allegations don't exist. And at that point I was just looking at him, didn't know what to do, didn't know what to say.

"She said he then grabbed her by the neck, bent her over a chair and violated her as she cried and protested", The Washington Post had reported of the matter in 2004.

There are all kinds of hypocrites, but the ones I take aim at most frequently on this site are hypocrites who claim to be morally outraged by behavior, but wield that outrage hypocritically and selectively.

It was an acknowledgment that no, this woman wasn't in it for the money and that whatever Bryant says he thought at the time, she did not view the encounter as consensual.

If you have HBO or HBO Now, you can screen Jordan Peele's smart and witty "Get Out" (2017, R), which won the original screenplay Oscar as well as top prizes at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, without a VOD surcharge.

Oldman and Seacrest have both denied the allegations against them.

Oldman's own father was, he says, an abusive alcoholic who left the family when his son was seven.

Gary Oldman has been similarly charmed despite his own ugly history. "Bill Maher could call someone a fag and get away with it". He maintained they had been fighting over the phone, which accidentally smacked Fiorentino when he let it go. But the win is raising eyebrows because Oldman was accused of domestic abuse by an ex-wife. "We partner with leading advocates for equality and safety to improve laws, employment agreements, and corporate policies; help change the face of corporate boardrooms and the C-suite; and enable more women and men to access our legal system to hold wrongdoers accountable".