Florida school shooting: U.S. investment giant leans on gun firms

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Some of them were indeed courageous at the time of the shooting - helping others, being willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their schoolmates. Even the token "conservative" on the op-ed page of the New York Times has called for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

By way of return, the president used his CPAC platform to revive his "enemy of the people" attack line against the media and closed his speech by echoing the NRA mantra that the Democrats are hellbent on "taking away your second amendment". They wave it like a badge of honor when it has become a blood banner of shame.

But despite a surge in mass shootings - seven of the deadliest in modern US history have happened since 2007 - the NRA has remained mostly steadfast in its opposition to any gun control legislation.

Congress has no excuse for continuing to allow this carnage.

Other co-ops such as Mountain Equipment of Canada announced that they would also cut ties with Vista due to their production of assault weapons, as well as their derivative brands such as CamelBak, Giro, and Bell.

With this most recent event, high school survivors of the Parkland shooting have taken charge and challenged those in power for change.

Such calls have been made many times before after numerous tragedies at the hands of someone armed with an assault rifle, which in some states could be purchased by someone at the age of 18 without question. Just because a rifle looks like a military firearm does not make it a military weapon.

Part of the problem here is James Madison's abysmal comma usage, which muddies the meaning, but it certainly appears to be talking about state-organized militias (and well-regulated ones at that). In the Virginia governor's race, Democratic candidate Ralph Northam cheerfully embraced his "F" rating from the NRA while campaigning for universal background checks.

I will say I'm not sure I have the answers either.

This revolutionary form of activism has spurned a movement in which kids are walking out of schools in protest of America's lax gun laws. It is the first thing that comes to mind, however vague and inaccurate. Some are fighting for their personal agenda, while others claim they are for the people. The NRA is concerned that any gun control will lead to us losing our constitutional rights to bear arms and will spend millions preventing any change.

In the state legislature Prasad Srinivasan has brought forth just such a proposal.

The national uproar for gun control triggered by the Parkland massacre, inclusive of high school students blasting NRA-supine lawmakers, has forced President Trump and Gov Scott to favor a few mild gun control measures. Increase, do not reduce, defensive options.

In short, before a true discussion of some sort of "fix" can occur, folks need to understand exactly what is being debated, the laws already in place, and how well these 20,000-gun laws are being enforced.

"REI does not sell guns".

"There are several senators who voted no in the past who are hoping to reconsider, but where they will end up, I don't know", Toomey said last week.

BlackRock Inc is considering offering investors the chance not to invest in gun firms, and is asking those firms how they monitor safe use of weapons.

Race relations, crime, violent ideology, poverty, poor mental health, copycatting, etc., are all factors contributing to the high number of shootings in America. These men and women possessed the right temperament, grown over years of street experience.

When a police vehicle is stationed at a school building it is a wonderful deterrent.